The Laughing Wife

Last week I uncovered something which struck my wifey-soul deep in the gut — I wasn’t laughing with my Dalton nearly as much as I used too.

The punch came while my brother was visiting and we were having the best of time laughing over life’s dramas and memories. I let out a healthy, relaxing laugh and suddenly it hit me: when was the last time I laughed so hard with my Beloved?

Dalton is a funny guy; his humor is one of the things I most love. He can dance, whistle, tell an age-old joke and pull it all off grinning. Oh, he is corny but I love that about him. I love that he loves to make people laugh — it’s something I cannot wait for people to notice in him.

So it puzzled me when I realized that I hadn’t been laughing lately. D was still his sweet, funny self; I knew he had still be sharing his laughable thoughts, jokes and stories. So why did it feel so good to laugh? Like I hadn’t been laughing for a long while?

It hit me: I haven’t been laughing because I’ve been too busy.

Somehow, I have been allowing life to pull my attention away; instead of focusing on what my Beloved was saying I spent the time wondering if the dishes were soaking, irritated over pillows being smashed and curious about my Facebook page.

Goodness!! How could I let myself become so involved with the menial, unimportant aspects of life that I would neglect to truly enjoy my Husband? How had I managed to put more worth on a couple of smashed cushions than on my Dalton’s story? How had I managed to miss the light in his eye and deny him the pleasure of my laughter?

How long would he keep telling his stories to a wife who was barely listening?

It broke my heart. Later, I went to my Darling and apologized. Of course, he accepted it graciously and admitted that he had noticed my distraction. It’s only been a few days but I’ve already seen the affect of my renewed attention — we’re both laughing more and I’m enjoying the benefits of a happy, laughing spirit.

The greatest blessing? When, after a long, hard two days my Darling Man and I fall into bed and he tells me thank you for laughing with him — that he’s noticed and appreciated it.

Darling D, I hope I never again stop laughing with you. It’s too precious and too fun.

Sweet Reader, how have you been laughing lately? Are you a distracted friend, wife or mother who could benefit from refocusing on the important stuff and enjoying life with your people? Tell me your story, I’ love to hear it.

With love, blessings and coffee,


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2 thoughts on “The Laughing Wife

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    I meant to tell you how much this post blessed me!! Thank you so much for reminding me to laugh – whatever season of life we find ourselves in, it’s a short one; and we can help make it a good season by filling it with laughter and encouragement. I needed to hear this!!

    I love you Frannie!!
    ~ Vicki

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      Vickie! I’m so glad this blessed your heart. It ha been such a joy remembering to focus on being present in the moment.

      I love you so much and hope you are thoroughly enjoying your every day!!


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