The Three Benefits of Postponing Your Honeymoon // Published!

Super exciting!

Remember that one time I wrote about the three benefits we discovered from postponing our honeymoon?

Sheila from To Love, Honor and Vacuum published it a few days ago (link right here!) . Whoo-hoo! Talk about a big event here at our little house! 🙂 Why not stop over and visit Sheila’s place? She always has great thoughts and plenty of encouragement to share.

With lots of love (and plenty of excitement!),

4 thoughts on “The Three Benefits of Postponing Your Honeymoon // Published!

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      Thank you, Miss Barbara!!

      And thank you also for following over to this site … I know it can be very difficult changing and I’m sure following on Blogger was a lot easier for you so I *appreciate* you staying with me. I value your sweet words and friendship!!

      With lots of love to you!

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    congrats! that’s great news! and I agree with you….we just did a lakeway getaway and I think that was perfect! Not much travel stress, away from anything and just the two of us with no pressure to do things, spend money, etc.

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      Oh, thank you, Charis!

      Your honeymoon sounds lovely — just a sweet getaway. 🙂 I’ve noticed that a lot of folks seem to be going for the route. Which seems to be a lovely way to start out a lifelong journey together!!

      Lots of blessings to you!

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