There Are No Strangers

Hello dear readers,
Please stop whatever you are doing, read this
story, and listen to this song: 

No Orphans
by Avalon

“Who here among us has not been broken
Who here among us is without guilt or pain
So oft’ abandoned by our transgressions
If such a thing as grace exists
Then grace was made for lives like this 

There are no strangers
There are no outcasts
There are no orphans of God
So many fallen, but hallelujah
There are no orphans of God 

Come ye unwanted and find affection
Come all ye weary, come and lay down your head
Come ye unworthy, you are my brother
If such a thing as grace exists
Then grace was made for lives like this 

O blessed Father, look down upon us
We are Your children, we need Your love
We run before Your throne of mercy
And seek Your face to rise above.” 

w o w. 

Am I right?
I can talk all day about loving others; I can
discuss the homeless and the difficulties of knowing who to give to and exactly
how much without corrupting. I can pretend that I care about investing my money
into God’s work by buying smaller Starbuck lattes (hey, I love java chip frappuccinos with a slight slosh of raspberry) yet
when a real, tangible moment of giving comes … well, I tend to let it slip
by.  I can imagine my life full of good
works instead of facing the reality that it is full, to the brim, of leisure
Pinterest time, dessert eating, and just-one-more-pair-of-cute-*affordable*-shoes

 Who am I really living for?
Who am I really serving?
Does my walk really reflect my walk?

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    Wow … I am incredibly humbled and awed. That was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. What an incredible, incredible couple – and yet, they're doing no more than every one of us is called to do. I'm incredibly convicted by this. Thank you so much for reblogging this, Frannie!


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