3 Ways God Stays Real When I’m Exhausted

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Today my heart rejoices because, even though I am very tired and very weary, I am well aware of the presence of God in my life. I don’t believe this happens on accident. So pour your coffee, grab a blanket and join me as I share three ways God stays real in my life even when I’m exhausted:

[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]Surround yourself with good people[/pullquote]

One way God stays real and present in my life is when He uses people to encourage, lift and lighten my heart. I can come home exhausted and count on a husband who will rub my shoulders, pour me coffee and tell me life-giving truths I need to hear. My sister and mom will laugh with me as we discuss hard things and discover the rays of sunshine in the clouds; friends come my way and bring perspective and “I’ve been there” comfort.

Without fail God shows His love for me by loving me through the arms of people around me.

[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]Turn up the music[/pullquote]

When I’m exhausted, hurt or downtrodden I’ve noticed that God speaks loudly through the pages of a hymnal or the radio waves in my car. It’s the second way God stays real when I’m floundering — I can be doubting His goodness when the sweet truth of “I Believe” or “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” can correct my thinking and encourage my weary heart.

[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]Reveal your heart[/pullquote]

Finally, God stays real in my life when I step out in faith and reveal my heart to Him through prayer. This is important. If I refuse to cry out to God in my moments of need I am turning away the King of kings and the very One Who sees my most intimate, discreet need and has the ability to bring aid.

Sometimes we let our pride keep us from pouring out our hearts. We think that we’re too silly or weak or to seek His need.

Stop right there, sister.

You are silly, you are weak and you are sinful. But if you are a child of God you have an Intercessor and a Father to look to. When you gather the courage to cry out to God even though you don’t feel like it He will reveal Himself and remain real in your life.

Sweet folk, we will get tired, discouraged and weary in this world. But God is very real during those moments. Let God show Himself to you by surrounding yourself with loving people, turning up the music and revealing your heart to your Lord.

He loves you so much!

With love, blessings and coffee,


5 thoughts on “3 Ways God Stays Real When I’m Exhausted

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    This was wonderful! Tiredness is basically a rite of passage of adulthood, it seems; and in my life, when I’m tired, I tend to fall much more easily into the “little” sins (and even just bad habits, things that may not be sin but just aren’t helpful). I know that song’s not that great to listen to, but the beat will keep me awake for a few more minutes. I know I should get off Facebook and write a couple more paragraphs, but I’m just so TIRED. I know I should be helping my sister with the dishes, but I just had SUCH a hard day; I need to rest a bit. Meh, self. Doesn’t it look ugly when you put it like that? 😛

    As for what has been helping me plow through tiredness this semester, I would absolutely echo all three of the things you mentioned. Christian music is very important, and there are albums on Spotify and YouTube that also feature Scripture being quietly read over a background of nature sounds or soft music – not a substitute for real study, of course, but such a lovely, heart-focusing pick-me-up in the middle of a bone-aching afternoon.

    Something my advisor has been working with me on, too, is setting clear boundaries for the activities in your day. Don’t let your work time bleed over into your fun time or your fun time bleed over into your work time. I haven’t quite mastered that yet, but I’m doing my best!!

    Much love to you, my dear, and may God come to your rescue with rest and restoration very soon!


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      I totally understand, Vicki! It’s so easy to let self get away with the “little things” when we’re physically tired and drained; I know for me I tend to be more easily irritated and let destructive/stumbling choices become the norm.

      I am so very thankful we serve a God Who sees us through those times. And with such grace and gentleness! I can look back over the years and remember the times of dryness and rebellion and discipline yet never once can I say He did it without love and mercy. We serve such a great God!

      You are a blessing to me!

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    I love this!!! I really relate with all three of the ways that God stays real in your life. I’m always amazed at how much God speaks to me through music. One other way He helps me when I am down is through my devotional books, especially Jesus Calling. He is talking right to my heart and needs for the day so many times when I read that! Thank you for your perspective and the joy you always bring Frannie!

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      Hello, sweet Amy!

      I am so happy you can relate to some of these things. 🙂 I know I’ve very much enjoyed the cd you gave me — I play it in the morning hours while I get ready for the day!

      I also enjoy devotional books too. One of my favorites is “My Utmost for His Highest.” It speaks so much truth into my life.

      So thankful for you, Amy!

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        I have “My Utmost for His Highest” too and I love it! I also have a sweet kids version that I love because not only can I read it to Laura but it helps simplify some of the harder to understand passages to me! 😉

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