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It’s a great day to be alive.

I mean to really, really be awake and alert and in awe of this world.

In our area of Missouri a nice chill has fallen over the land along with an overcast gray sort of sky. It’s time for leaves to begin changing colors, pumpkins to adorn porches, and scarves to make an appearance … at least I think it is time.

So in honor of this day (and because I’m suffering from an acute batch of homesickness … but wait, my home is here … why are hearts so contradictory?) I’m purposing to be alive and awake and in awe of this time. I’ll do some thorough cleaning of our small bungalow, listen to this lady’s play list, sing worship songs, watch Sense and Sensibility, and give thanks;  for things like a husband’s gentle love, clothes to wash, and a Redeemer.

What is your part of the world looking like? How are your spirits doing? I’d love to hear.

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