My Top 8 Favorites of First Trimester Pregnancy

Pregnancy has been such an adventure for us. We’ve experienced crazy highs and lows and I am enjoying settling into being this little one’s mom. So often I struggle with worry or fear over our future but God has been good to me and sending me little ways to enjoy this time.

Here are my top favorites of our first trimester of pregnancy. The best part is that it will only get better now that I’ve entered the second trimester this week! (Praise the Lord!)

Resting in bed and pondering this miracle within me

I’ve been napping in the afternoon which means that Dalton typically falls asleep faster than I do at bedtime. These are the quiet moments when I talk to baby, wonder over him/her growing within me, and pray special Scriptures over baby. Some how night time seems to be a more sacred moment of the day as I rejoice and feel awe over our precious, growing bundle.

Pinteresting nursery ideas and other women’s weekly bump updates

I love searching for great ideas on Pinterest. (I think I’m addicted!) From adorable nursery themes to cloth diaper facts I tend to spend a lot of time learning through Pinterest’s gorgeous pictures and posts. (Here’s my boards) Baby Board on Pinterest

Also, I love looking at other women’s weekly bump updates — it’s so fun seeing how my body will grow!

Seeing my belly grow (even though it still looks like a food baby)

I know my belly looks like a food baby to everyone else but I adore this growing bump. There were moments throughout my teenage years and early twenties where I would privately stuff a pillow under my shirt and try to imagine just how I would look as a pregnant momma.

It’s fun finally having that bump and knowing that it’s a real baby and not a pillow taking up all that space!

Praying Scripture over baby 

Praying over Baby Duncan has been the number one way I have grown from fear into hope in this pregnancy. I love the the below printable created by The Purposeful Mom. I’ll often pray through the list, meditate on it’s meaning, and repeat the words over baby and to the Lord.

All credit goes to The Purposeful Mom

This habit has made my pregnancy more special and real to me. Plus, it’s a beautiful way to invest in baby even before he or she is here in our arms.

Discovering great deals on neutral baby items (like my adorable Moses Basket!) 

I feel silly telling you that I’ve already been snatching up great finds at consignment stores and clearance racks! So many of my friends are waiting to buy baby items until they know baby’s gender but I can’t help myself.

So far, I’ve snatched up a beautiful Moses Basket bassinet (for $8!) and a few maternity items when Dalton sent me out for a shopping spree. 🙂

Eating well for baby 

Eating well has been a major joy in life lately. With the miscarriage scare, family visiting, and lots of out-of-town trips I haven’t been as diligent and focused on eating nutrient dense meals as I should be.

So, I enjoyed changing that habit and spent a good amount of time at the grocery store stocking the cart with snacks and ingredients I knew I could enjoy (even on days when I feel sick).

My latest pregnancy snacks? Raw veggies, prunes (for you know … 😉 ), yogurt, cow’s milk (we normally drink Almond Milk but were advised I should be drinking straight from the cow), and whole grains (which I normally avoid since we eat mostly gluten-free).

I’ve also taken to drinking chai tea as coffee is difficult to drink lately. (The horrors!) I still wanted my daily dose of warm goodness so the switch to creamy, home-brewed chai tea with a sprinkle of stevia wasn’t too difficult.

Drooling over modest maternity fashion

Is there anything cuter than maternity clothes? I’m tickled by the cute, layered hoodie and love the idea of wearing what I already wear — skirts, comfy shirts, and dresses.

All credit goes to Polyvore

All credit goes to Polyvore

Ah! Isn’t that so cute?

Having Dalton stroke my belly, talk to baby, and pray over baby 

Friends, I married an absolute gem. This man has blessed, encouraged, and cared for me since day one but he has really blossomed into a wonderful husband and daddy. I love watching Dalton pat my belly, talk to baby, and pray over us. There is nothing more precious than a grown man bending to talk to a baby still within the womb.

I love my husband and I love that he is enjoying this baby as much as I am.

There are my 8 top favorites of the first trimester. It’s been such a crazy yet beautiful time and these are just the beginnings of fun, delight-filled things. 

Love, blessings, and coffee,


11 thoughts on “
My Top 8 Favorites of First Trimester Pregnancy

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    This is so beautiful Frannie!! These moments of pregnancy with a precious life growing inside you every day are ones you will never ever forget. I love the scriptures you’re praying over the baby, such a wonderful thing to do! I’m so happy and excited for you my friend! 😊💖

    1. Avatar

      Thank you, Miss Barbara. I have been keeping well and it has been a great blessing. I hope you are well — I’ve enjoyed just catching up with your blog.

      Blessings to you!

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    Oh hoe exciting that you are entering the second part of pregnancy! And that the LORD is giving you grace to enjoy this special time! 😀

    Confession time here. I did the same pillow thing when I was a pre teen! 😀 How good is our GOD to allow us to get to see the real thing appear! 😀

    Have a wonderfully sweet day my friend!

    1. Avatar

      Haha! I’m *so* glad I am not alone! Yes, God is so good and His blessings and kindness are so abundant!!

      Enjoy your day, sweet person! Enjoy your little, growing one!

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    Ha ha! I was even sillier with “the pillow thing” – when I was 6 or 7, I had a newborn doll that I used to carefully position under my little nightgown and pretend I was one of those always-pregnant pioneer women from my mom’s Janette Oke books! (I used to sneak behind her recliner and read them when she was busy with other chores … naughty girl!!)

    But seriously, I am so proud of you and Dalton, dear girl, and how wonderfully you are taking care of your wee one! You and Angel are the dearest of little mothers and I am so thrilled and honored to get to walk and pray along this journey with the two of you!!

    Hugs and smiles,

    1. Avatar

      Hahaha! Oh, Vicki! That is *too* cute! (And so funny about the Janette Oke books!)

      Thank you for your sweet and encouraging words. I so appreciate them! It has been such a joy, having our little one to care after. And it will only get better!!

      Love and blessings to you!

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    aww love reading your updates (& your new little home is so cute!). blessings you keep walking through this time – I love seeing the purposeful actions you are bringing in. (have you checked out PinkBlush maternity? they have some adorable items!)

    1. Avatar

      Hello, Charis! So good to hear from you! And thank you for your sweetness — we are so blessed!

      I haven’t but definitely wil look into PinkBlush. I just love that name!! 🙂

      Blessings to you!

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