Travels o’er Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving week has been full of joy, land, and laughter. Last August my
sister joined a class which, upon graduation, would produce certified National
Park rangers. After many hard hours, some disappointments, and lots of pt time,
she and her classmates graduated. How proud I am to see her work so hard and
finish this class; she passed difficult tests, proved to be in the 95thpercentile
for shooting, and learned how to do 180 turns in a police car. Congratulations,
Allie!!! May the LORD lead you in your new career!


order to see my sister, my family and I drove from our little town in Missouri
to the rugged land of Arizona. It has been such a great trip–we started off
later in the evening (something we won’t do again J)
and drove the 20 hours almost non-stop. Oi, were we ever tired! But I loved
traveling with my family, bugging my brother, guessing Disney songs with Dad,
and making bologna sandwiches (that’s another post for another time!).

course there were those unavoidable but perfectly human moments which occur in
every trip. Fatigue. McDonalds overload. Listening to Mom’s favorite 80’s love
songs. My favorite quote of the trip?

don’t know why I am cranky!” –Dad

how I loved traveling through New Mexico and spotting my first cactuses. J
I loved seeing the red rocks of Sedona and observing the many cultures within
this area.

we journeyed to the Grand Canyon. What a ruggedly, beautiful land. How I admire
the peoples who inhabited this dry environment.

heard while walking:

Boy: “WHY do we have to take SO MANY PICTURES??!!” (spoken in a
raging, naughty six year-old voice)

Girl: While sitting in a random log along the path: “Why do you think they
put it there?”

“I think they put it right there for you.”   

lovely, blessed trip!


4 thoughts on “Travels o’er Thanksgiving

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    Oh man! You traveled through NM?? I wonder which towns you went through?? It would have been so neat if y'all could have dropped by our place. 🙂
    I'm so glad you got the see the Grand Canyon!! It's one of my favorite places ever (although I've only seen it once!). It just shows God's amazing powers…
    Congrats to your sister, by the way!! Sounds like it will be a very adventurous job. 🙂
    Oh, and I know how it feels being the car like that! We just came home from CA, and my was that a LONG time in the car!! Probably not as long as yours, so I feel double time for ya. 😉
    Blessings my dear sister!

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    Oh Sarah! Hehe, how fun that would have been! We traveled down through Oklahoma and passed through Albuquerque, NM.I wonder if you are close?

    I hope that your trip to California went well . . . I'm pretty sure anything longer than four hours is l o n g! 🙂

    Blessings to you!
    With love!

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