Turning to Thanks

Good morning, Lord,

          Oh. It’s been hard lately. Not because
of You; no, it’s me . . . again. I’m so discouraged. I look at my life and see
failures and weaknesses and rebellions. I see anger and a lack of love. And it
hurts me so much.

          But I thank You. Thank You for loving
me in spite of myself. Thank You for giving me family who live with me and my faults
and love me still. Thank You for friends who offer encouragement and
fellowship. Thank You for classmates and teachers who are helpful and kind.

You, dear Father, even for my faults; for my obvious need for You. Thank You
for making a way for my salvation and for making freedom from fear and guilt
possible. Thank You for working all things for good for those who love You and
are called according to Your purposes and Thank You for having plans and
thoughts higher than mine. Thank You for wanting a relationship with me.

You for life: for the crazy relatives who teach me to love and for the classes
which teach me diligence. Thank You for my clothes, for my home, for my
bedroom, and crafting supplies. Thank You for the interests I have and even for
the embarrassing quirks too.

You for the lovely sunshine glittering off the morning frost. Thank You for
gentle music, the smell of good food, and for the hotness of black coffee.

Father, thank You for listening to me and for loving me . . . even when I don’t
feel it.

am so blessed.

4 thoughts on “Turning to Thanks

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    Good Morning Miss Frannie!

    Oh, my dear, my heart just goes out to you this morning. It is so difficult at times to be in those "waiting years"…wondering just what the Lord has in store for you…trying to be patient…making mistakes and learning from them.
    Take heart, dear one, our Lord is always with us…and He knows our heart. Keep an attitude of thanksgiving through it all…you will be amazed at the blessings!

    Have a wonderful day!

    Sweet blessings,
    Mrs. Laura

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    Goodmorning Mrs. Laura!

    I so appreciate your sweet comments–thank you for taking your time to drop a bit of encouragement and wisdom into my life!

    May the Lord richly bless you!

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    Hi Frannie! I've been meaning to get over here and tell you "thank you" for the lovely encouraging link you sent me – that was such a thought-provoking article. I've been thinking about it all week!

    Remember that the same goes for you, too – the Lord is definitely working a work in you, and He loves and cherishes you so much. Lean on Him for strength and remember that He is making you stronger and more like Him every day!

    Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!


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