Valentine’s Coffee for You | Giveaway

Happiest hello’s to you!
I have a little gift intended for one of you beautiful souls this Valentine’s Day.
Together, One Cup Project and World Vision  are serving the world’s poorest via our coffee cups … our rather, your coffee cup.
If you enjoy award-winning brew (along with a beautiful, hand-carved, wooden scoop) I invite you to leave a comment below. Mention your favorite hot coffee/tea/beverage and, if you could choose anyone, who you would love to converse with while drinking that amazing drink.
For example, my favorite hot drink is a Screaming Monkey latte (yum!) and if I could choose any soul to share it with I would choose Corrie Ten Boom — what a fun/amazing/blessed time I think I’d have!
On the 12th of February I will do an old-fashioned name draw and announce the happy soul. Lord willing, I’ll have the package in the mail and (hopefully) ready to be opened the 14th! 🙂
With love, blessings, coffee and a happy Valentine’s Day,

10 thoughts on “Valentine’s Coffee for You | Giveaway

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    Dear Frannie,
    We've never met but I feel I know you oh so well. You are a beautiful writer and person inside and out, just like your mother!
    I LOVE coffee of all kinds and I would love to visit with your Mother and You catching up and knowing you better. What a lovely family she and your father raised.
    Happy Honeymoon & Happy Valentine's Day!


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    ohh a coffee giveaway! Hmm…French Press is my favorite but peppermint mocha are one of my favorite flavored drinks. With who? My husband of course or a past figure would be Amy Carmichael

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