Welcome to Our New Home!

Welcome to our new blog-home!

Hello, darling friends and welcome to my new space!

It feels like a giant step has been taken this last week and I look forward to all the new adventures to take place.

Don’t worry, though. I’m still the same quirky, coffee-loving bride who loves to share her heart and life with you; not much has changed except behind the scene.

Soon, we will be having a big (super fun) secret announced and also “house-warming” giveaway full of goodies I can’t wait to send your way.

By the way, don’t forget to favorite or write down (for you old-school darlings) my new web address. It is super important to me that we don’t lose touch.

With lots (and lots!) of love, blessings and coffee,


8 thoughts on “Welcome to Our New Home!

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    I am LOVING the new “home,” sweet friend!!!! 🙂 Everything looks so wonderful and cheery and warm and inviting. I am sooo excited to continue reading your blog posts!!
    *hugs and prayers*

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    Frannie!!! It’s so beautiful!! All the colors, the typography, the designs – what a wonderful happy space to blog in!! I love it!

    Adding your new URL to my following feed right now!!! Hugs!!!

    ~ Vicki

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      Miss Barbara, thank you for being honest with me! I appreciate your following me over and I hope it isn’t too difficult for you either. I do understand how much easier it is to follow along when someone is using the same blog platform.

      I very much appreciate you and your friendship!!

      With lots of love!

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