We’ve Been “Busted!” | Las Vegas Souvenirs

Have you ever walked into a couple’s home and found them incredibly weird? They tend to have odd collections on display, laugh at funny things and have strange habits like pinching each other’s noses or wearing socks and leggings and sandals.

We’re that weird couple.

(Minus the socks and leggings and sandals … we don’t do that.)

We’ve managed to collect small soap figurines (an owl, penguin and hedgehog to be exact) which Dalton carved. Oh, and then, yes. We do have these faces.

In Las Vegas, we came across an amazing man who made clay busts for $19.99. We simply couldn’t resist. Our only souvenirs, the faces tend to make us smile and laugh every time we happen to pass by … which is often. The plan is to mount them on an oval frame as they used to do in the old days; until then, we’ll just have to keep them in a glass-covered dish frightening all who happen to visit. Mine even has a little head-covering which is pretty delightful in my opinion.
Yes, we are that weird couple.
And I wouldn’t want to be anything else.
Do you have any strange collections or hobbies? I’d love to know I’m not alone! 😉
With love, coffee and two adorable looking clay heads,

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