What Can I Do But Love You // Coffee Series

Coffee With You Series

Welcome, sweet reader, to a post all about joy, friendship and encouraging you to know the love you are given by your Creator.  Pull on your house shoes, pour a cup of good stuff and settle in — I won’t be long.

Recently, a long-distance call with a friend had me remembering that marriage is the sweetest thing. I love a lot of things: French countryside, Julia Child’s first appearance on tv (that is a funny episode, folks), Alaskan snow, family laughing over memories and pretty windows opening to a breeze. I can’t count the gifts God sends my way that bring me smiles and joy.

But, boy, marriage takes the cake. I love Dalton. Sometimes, not enough. He’s my best friend, confidante, comrade and lover. He laughs with me, picks me up when I am down and kisses me fully despite my coffee breath. 😉

Marriage really is the sweetest thing and, to echo the words of thousand biblical scholars before me, it really reflects the beauty of Christ and His love for His bride, the Church. Dalton forgives me when I’m really, really selfish. Christ forgives and atones my sins. Dalton blesses me with a renewed interest in me even when I’m wrinkled, cantankerous and stuck in a rut. Christ blesses me with His interest in purifying His bride and never loses overlooking our smallest cares; He knows the amount of hair on my head and my deepest thoughts. Dalton pursues my heart and friendship; Christ pursues His people, calling them children, brothers and friends.

I don’t deserve either’s love and both are from above, from my Heavenly Father.

From a very happy woman who is loved a lot and rejoicing in that. (And liking this adorable song!)

Love, blessings and coffee,


3 thoughts on “What Can I Do But Love You // Coffee Series

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    that is a darling little music video! love your words and I can just shout, yes this is what my husband does!!!!! Never have I known someone to walk so closely beside me but who responds in love, gentleness and grace. And I see so much more of Jesus’ care for me now too.

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    What a beautiful song! Now you’ve given me two great songs to add to my faves playlist! 🙂 Your words were beautiful as well, and I am extremely blessed to be so well loved by my precious husband too. I thank God for him every day! 💖

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