What Poo Covered Teacups Means to Me

Sometimes days can be hard.

Like sewage-backing-up-into-the-basement-splattering-the-china-your-mother-gave-you hard.

I don’t like those kind of days. In fact, I do everything possible to avoid them. I plan, schedule, and prepare so to avoid disasters. And I’m happy, so happy because most of the time my life is full of easy, happy moments.

So when a sinister root successfully breaks into the sewage pipe promoting all manner of poo to come floating though the grate I tend to get a bit irritated. Of course, my dear husband took the lead and conquered the mess (And, whewie!, does that man know how to clean a basement and look good doing it. 😉

I later went down to manfully perform final inspection and bleach the appliances down.

But before long I was crying, crouching on the floor, hovering over my now brown-and-slimy china set. Like a small child I wept while emptying a stinky, poo-covered tote. Weeping … I’m sure the construction workers across the street thought I was a crazy.

I was sad and hurt.

Hurt over something we couldn’t predict or prepare for. Frustrated over unpleasant events.
Sorrowful for feeling like we had been let down.

A still, small voice whispered, “Give thanks in all things, rejoice.” I tried. I failed. I tried again, yet angry emotions continued to appear. I felt worse because I had not succeeded. I wept harder and still He whispered, “Rejoice.”
“Okay.” And in the midst of poo-sodden teacups, over my bleach-burned hands, despite my disappointments I knew joy and peace. I learned a very important, tangible lesson–joy is always present within the sorrow. Circumstances, events, let-downs, disappointments will very often damper happiness but choosing to thankfulness will produce peace and joy.

So let the poo keep on keeping on … well, not really. It really is the most horrible thing in the world. But may I continue to press into the grace and joy promised me by the Lord. 

3 thoughts on “What Poo Covered Teacups Means to Me

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    Oooohhh, my dear friend, I am so sorry!!! That is not a "small" problem; and while you were absolutely right that God asks and helps us to rejoice in all things, that is definitely toward the upper-middle of problems you could need to rejoice through! I pray that you are starting to get through the mess and that God would give you extra grace to endure it!

    Hugs to you, dear friend! I wish I could be there to help!!!

    ~ Vicki

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