Why I Never Get Bored

Growing up we were never allowed to be bored. If ever my siblings and I happened to utter that terrible word our mother was quick to offer her usual phrase of inspiration:

Don’t tell me you’re bored or I’ll let you wash the dishes!

You can now see why we always found some way to entertain ourselves.

Thankfully,  now that I’m a grown adult and no longer live with my mom and her inspiring threats, I still have an anti-bored weapon. His name is Dalton Duncan.

Yes, married life often provides me with great (sometimes embarrassing) entertainment. Here are a few of my knight-in-shining-armor’s shining moments:

1) Once, upon finding several adorable mushrooms my husband insisted I take pictures of him pretending to be using an umbrella.

2) Date days often involve some kind of fun, creative plan of his (he really is the more creative one in the bunch). Like the time he sent me on a huge scavenger hunt or that awesome day when we secretly drove to our parent’s homes and gave them a good surprise.

3) Dalton hates getting his picture taken; actually, he hates cameras in general. He thinks they are over-used and take away from the moment … two legitimate reasons. Nevertheless, I insist that we must gather some sort of proof that we are in fact married and having the time of our lives for the Facebook world. So, to accommodate both of our desperate pleas we’ve found a satisfying middle ground. I get to take pictures if  A) I tell him first B) he is doing some sort of pose.

Here’s the proof:

Here he felt it appropriate to mock the “Men Working” sign

Interpretive dance with hot-mits

He thought getting a whole loaf from Panera was an amazing feat

4) Scene: Sitting on the couch enjoying a good conversation, Dalton leans over as if to kiss his bride …

Me: *Yelling!* “Dalton, stop sucking on my nose!”
Dalton: “Hehehehehe …”

5) I think Dalton is convinced that whenever a male applies shaving cream to his face his wife also should be covered in like manner.

6) Scene: My mom, Dalton, and I are finishing a nice, meaningful conversation in the dining room. Dalton rises, plays around with his Ipad, and then sits on the floor looking as if he is meaning to do some leg stretches. We look. He stretches out his legs like a grasshopper and rubs them together while his Ipad plays cricket sounds in the background.


7) Upon finding stray turtles on the street Dalton likes to offer bits of lettuce to the newcomer:

8) Scene: Enjoying a conversation with guests in the living room. A momentary silence.

Dalton: “Do you see those two owls on the bookshelf?”
Guests: Nod with interest
Dalton” “I carved those out of the prison soap.” Grins with happy jubilance.

(Dalton has a love for mixing up conversation … he feels that the world spends too of its time talking about normal, empty things and believes that one of his missions in life is to liven and stir people up in good, fun ways. It makes me smile.)

9) On early mornings when Dalton is already up he will very gently carry me to the living room couch, gather my pillow and blanket, snuggle me in and proceeds with his activities. It’s a special, fun, unique way to sleep in. 🙂

10) Scene: Dalton’s mother’s hair salon. Telephone rings. Dalton rises to answer the phone:

Dalton: “Dalton’s House of Ecstasy, Dalton speaking.”
Me: *Face palm and extreme blush* “Dalton!

I am so thankful for my funny, original man. His extreme, unique personality has often astonished my shy, safe personality … needless to say, I’ve blushed and sputtered more in the last year than in most of my life! But I can say I have been better for it!

What crazy/funny things do your family members do? Or maybe you’re the more original one in the family? I’d love to hear! 

p.s: This post was largely inspired by Rachel from The Random Writings of Rachel. I have always found her Angelism posts to be hilarious and realized that, I too, have a few stories to tell. Why don’cha hope on over to her blog … I know you’ll love it!

5 thoughts on “Why I Never Get Bored

  1. Avatar

    Awe! Very cute post! 🙂

    Bored was a forbidden word in my family too. Saying it most certainly meant you would not be any more… ;P

    I guess I would be the more entertaining one in our little family. Although, it mostly comes unintentionally through my awkward clumsiness, and mashing of words. Oh! I have made it my life goal to surprise and scare Justin as much as possible. His face every time I sneak up on him is priceless… 😀

    Have a wonderful day my friend!

  2. Avatar

    Hahaha!! I just laughed out loud.. so fun to read about your married life together. Methinks you've found a keeper, for sure!! =D

    I pray you continue to do well and that the Lord continues to bless you tremendously! =) These moments will be the ones you look back on when hard times roll around.

    Love ya, sister!

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