Why I {Don’t} Love Downton Abbey

It really is quite brilliant,
Downton Abbey. Full of beautiful people, props, and enchanting gowns. The plot
is suspenseful; will Mary and Matthew ever marry? What will happen to the
inheritance? The creators of the show have done an excellent job captivating
audiences of all kinds including Christians.
And so, here I am
stepping upon my soap box. I promise I’ll not dictate an hour from “Frannie’s Book
of Sermons” but only offer a bit of encouragement.  
Lately, I have seen
a huge explosion of Downton Abbey interest from fellow believers. And sisters,
I understand why you love the show. However, I am distressed. Why? Because I
feel we are filling our hearts with a lot of evil for a little bit of good.
After a couple
shared how wonderful the series was I eagerly awaited the moment I could watch
it. Immediately I was enthralled with it; the costumes, the romance, and the
history really is quite enchanting. I watched two seasons.
But I had to
quickly hide my eyes when Thomas, the homosexual servant, tried to kiss a
fellow man. And I shared Mary’s shame as she nearly gave her virginity away and
then was forced into a life of lies and guilt. I felt peculiar when I tried to
explain the plot to my mom and sister; I was a little embarrassed that I had to
say I was enjoying a show with so much filth in it. “You just have to watch it
for yourself,” I’d say. “I know it sounds weird but really . . . it is good.”
I canceled season
three from Netflix.
I just don’t think
the Son of God, who was with me as I watched the show, was honored. I believe
the Spirit of God who is in me was not blessed or lifted high.
I just want to
encourage better choices, dear sisters. I know; there really is some good in
the show. But let’s choose the best.
Let’s choose to invest our time, affections, and memories in to things which
are pure and virtuous and of good report.
With a loving

3 thoughts on “Why I {Don’t} Love Downton Abbey

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    Frannie we watch Downton abbey.
    I think you should maybe remember that although it was shown that the people in the story were tempted, these things did not actually take place. Good triumphed. The older servants code of behaviour won through.
    And, it is, sadly, a fairly true to life portrayal of life in a huge house that is more of a city than a house. There will always be good and bad in life.

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    Dear Frannie,
    I have yet to see the program, but I have wondered what it was about and I THANK YOU for sharing the truth and what G-d has laid on your heart regarding the movie. I am proud of you for honestly evaluating and being able to put aside that which is "ungodly".

    I don't read many blogs these days, but yours is one that I love to check on and always leave with joy in my heart; encouraged in your love and passion for G-d and truth. Keep seeking a truly meaningful life through our heavenly Father.


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    Dear Miss Elizabeth,

    I'm so sorry to have taken this long to respond to your comment. I appreciate different views and I appreciate you!

    I do agree that the show may be an accurate portrayal of life; my only worry is that we let our desire for good outway the wisdom of turning away from the bad.

    Blessings to you!


    Dear Miss Jenna,

    What a sweet comment! I am so blessed by your encouragement.

    I do hope it did not come across judgemental but rather a small warning. I've had to learn the hard way too many times.

    You are a blessing to me!

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