Why I Love the Roloff’s Podcast


Every Tuesday Audrey and Jeremy Roloff release a podcast episode and I’m always ready to tune in, coffee in hand. It took me a while to jump on board with the whole podcast fanfare but this one is definitely a favorite for this year.

I don’t know about you but I tend to look at those with successful ministries, Instagrams, and published books and murmur and sigh … if only I had more talent if only I had a followingif only I had connections

(Pathetic, right?) 😉

Seeing other’s live their dreams and produce content inspires me but it also scares me; insecurity and fear whisper menacingly,

” … they’re meant to minister because they obviously have something you don’t. You’ll never be able to minister like them so why try?”

And that’s why I love the Roloff’s podcast — they share real life and all the messy bits. Behind the laptop screen, Instagram numbers, and published books are two people who are doing the hard work. They don’t have everything figured out; they have messy schedules, unfinished projects, arguments, roses and thorns in their everyday life.

The episodes are super practical which is perfect for me. So far, they’ve talked about forming family rhythms and habits, working with your spouse, entrepreneurial projects, and knowing your personality and using it for God’s glory. (Since I dream of working alongside D one day, I find so much of it inspiring!)

Since I consider motherhood, marriage, and blogging part of my calling and ministry, I love hearing from others about what has and hasn’t worked for them; so far, I haven’t listened to an episode that didn’t leave me some nugget of wisdom to cling to. (I also laugh a lot since they’re so easy to relate too!)

What’s some of your favorites this year? Do you have any favorite podcasts? Leave me a comment below and I’ll try to check it out!

Happy listening!


4 thoughts on “Why I Love the Roloff’s Podcast

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    Going to have to add that one….do you listen to Jeff & Alyssa Bethke’s? I love that one. Sally Clarkson, Coffee & Crumbs, Uniquely Woman & Risen Motherhood, The Purpose Show & Happy Hour with Jamie Ivy are other favorites. Go & Tell Gals & The Bible Project are new ones I’m enjoying. If you liked Elisabeth Elliot style Modern Homemakers is good. For practical tips Healthy Births Happy Babies is good.

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      I’m so glad you left these! I’m very new to the podcast world but love it! Haha!

      I like that they’re usually short, to the point, and personable!

      These are great recommendations! Thank you!! 🧡

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