How Will You Inspire Your Year?

What word will power you through 2017?

There’s something delicious about writing those first few words of a story. You can never quite tell where they will take you. – Miss Potter

There is something delicious about new things. New books, new houses, new clothes — they all carry an innate specialness. Even more importantly, new years are something to be look forward to.

It’s time for me to begin planning for the year ahead. Last year I really benefited from choosing a word and making it the theme of the year. 2016 was the year I chose delight.

This year, my theme for 2017 is the word season.

I’m in a time of life where I need to remember our lives are made up of seasons. In the last 135 days I’ve been home twice. My sweet 2 month old is in the NICU and some days I forget that real life is lived outside hospital walls. It’s important for me to remember that this is only a season of life; a short paragraph in our story.

The beautiful thing about seasons is that they are each unique and require different attitudes and actions from us. During spring we prepare gardens, clean homes, and refresh closets while summer days find us sweating in the sun; autumn is full of harvest and winter rest, lit fires, and warm blankets.

Our live’s seasons are also unique and require different attitudes and actions. I don’t want to waste these days dreaming of our homecoming or dreading the hours spent in the hospital. I want this season of life to count for something.

So, what does this mean practically?

I want to find ways to make the most of our time in the NICU.

I want to pursue my husband and marriage even while this season of life has us apart most of the week. I also want to find courage and creativity in seasoning our marriage with more romance and encouraging other women to do the same. (You know, spice things up?) 😉

I want to find creative ways to tell our story and God’s goodness throughout this entire season.

I want to invest in people.

I want to organize and declutter our home now so that when Uriah comes home I can focus (more easily) on him than on the stuff around me.

I want to get to know my Lord better during this season of whispered prayers, exhaustion, stress, and rough introduction to motherhood.

I want to sow now, so that later I may reap a good harvest. 

What’s your theme for 2017? Do you make resolutions or are you a word sort of person? Are you as surprised by February’s arrival as I am? 🙂 Share your thoughts below!

Love, blessings, and coffee,


2 thoughts on “How Will You Inspire Your Year?

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    Oh Frannie I love this!! It encouraged me so much!!! I often forget to enjoy the season I’m in instead of always thinking ahead to the next one, or wishing I could go back and relive past ones. I want to enjoy each beautiful minute, hour, day, and season God blesses me with. Even the hard ones because He makes all things good and uses those times to shape our hearts. I love that your word for this year is Season and I want to take it for my own too! LOL But I will choose the word Growth for my 2017. I want to grow in so many ways this year. I want to grow spiritually and make quiet time with God the most important part of my day every day. I want to organize and clean my home so it is a haven for me and my family. I want to take care of myself and be healthy this year. I want to give abundant love on purpose to my daughter, husband, family, and friends every chance I get. I want to notice the beauty of each day and in all the little things. So I pray to have growth in all these areas this year!
    Love you so much my friend!!! 😊💕

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      Oh, Amy! I love your heart!! Growth is a beautiful word and perfect for inspiring your year! <3 I love your goals and I know your family, home, and friends will all benefit from you pursuing them!

      I am SO thankful to have you in my life. you always encourage me in new growth and I love you!! 🙂

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