A Wonderful Talent of a Dear Friend. . .

Greetings friends! (Yes, I should be packing, and cleaning, and well. . .)  :)  But alas, I want to do one more thing before beginning my tango with the mop. I really felt the Lord impressing it on my heart to introduce my dear friend Kristin–a wonderful photographer. God has blessed her with the lovely ability to capture His beauty. I just wanted to let you all know about her site: http://spiritandlifephotography.com . Beyond having great talent, Kristin is a sweet friend who is currently serving (and learning) at a missions school in Ghana, Africa. Please, as you peruse her work, keep a prayer in mind for her safety and also that she may soak up all God has to teach her! He has a grand purpose!   With much love (Yes, I guess I need to get to work. . .), Frannie  

2 thoughts on “A Wonderful Talent of a Dear Friend. . .

  1. Dearest Kristin!

    Are you home? How wonderful! May Jesus bless you as you rest and and spend time with your family! With love,

    P.S. Thank you for reading my blog. . .how sweet of you! 🙂

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