Spiritual Blues and a Loving God // Coffee Series

Coffee With You Series

“You’re exhausted in the faith because you’re looking at you. The more you look at yourself and the less you look at God, the more you get frustrated at yourself.” -Matt Chandler

It’s a common complaint amongst my sisters in Christ. We’re tired, wore, exhausted of chasing Christianity. We’re good but it doesn’t make us happy and we’re spiritual but empty. It’s a road I know too well.

Sisters, what if life didn’t have to be that way? What if Jesus is big enough to carry your through and grace abundant enough to keep you close to your Savior? What if you’re exhausted because you focus too much on yourself than on your Savior?

My Darling Man is one of the best examples of a consistent Christ-follower. He stays even-keeled even when he hasn’t gotten enough sleep, the skies are grey and his schedule uncomfortably busy … things which can throw me off. I’ve asked him how he manages to stay in touch with his Lord, how he remains steady in the faith when I struggle week to week.

He nonchalantly says that he just keeps in constant touch with God. Even on the days when he is unable to study God’s Word my man purposes to think on his Lord, be in constant conversation with Him and pursue Him. Me? I fall into a spiritual funk when I fail to schedule in a Bible study. My Man looks to his Savior more than himself and that is his key to consistent living.

I think my Hubby has it right.

Our Abba Father didn’t mean for our walk with Him to be so spiritually taxing. As A.W. Tozer wrote, “God is easy to live with.”

Some of us are religiously jumpy and self-conscious because we know that God sees our every thought and is acquainted with all our ways. We need not be. God is the sum of all patience and the essence of kindly good will. We please Him most, not by frantically trying to make ourselves good, but by throwing ourselves into His arms with all our imperfections, and believing that He understands everything and loves us still.

Sweet Friend, let’s stop looking at ourselves — our imperfections, failings and inner thoughts — and let’s look to the One Who loves us without fail and promises to work mightily in the weak. Let’s grow into consistent women of God by looking to Him always and rejoicing in the friendship He gives.

With much love, blessings and coffee,


2 thoughts on “Spiritual Blues and a Loving God // Coffee Series

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    A great reminder of God’s all sufficiency and grace! A friend once told me this quote and it has been playing in mind a lot lately, “humility isn’t necessarily to think less of yourself, but to think of yourself less”. I find when I focus on Christ, His Words, His truth even though the problems may not fade away, they become bearable. Thank you for writing, im glad I found this blog 🙂

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      Hello and welcome, Kaitlin!

      I’m so glad you found your way here; new friends are always special. And I appreciate your comment. You are so right; focusing on our Lord always clarifies and encourages us as we journey through life. This is a lesson I am still trying to learn! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and I hope to keep in touch!

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