You’re Not Called to be Superwoman // Coffee Series

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It’s a curse, wanting to do and be everything. Whether it’s the world telling you you need to do more or your own personal chase for perfection, we often feel that to be successful, thriving people we need to be superwomen.

It’s exhausting, overwhelming, and false.

I have my own personal issues with wanting to do and be everything. I want to be the perfect wife and in my mind that means dinner must be on time, the house cleaned daily, bills balanced and paid, etc. I need to do in order to be.  

The funny thing is that my husband rates the perfect wife differently. Yes, he loves having dinner warm and ready and he enjoys coming to a home clean, fresh and calm.

But he doesn’t think my getting things done is what makes me his perfect wife.

It’s when I greet him at the door with a smile, pay attention to his jokes, and take time to laugh with him. He says I’m the perfect wife because he says I’m his best friend. And I’m his best friend because I take time for him, choose him, and pursue him. He’ll wear the dirty pants I forgot to wash, and do it with an understanding smile and wink. It’s when I get angry and pout over unwashed laundry and put distance between us that he struggles.

You see, it’s all about abiding instead of doing.

Jesus Christ loved to emphasize that. Yes, we need to do good works. Yes, our lives should declare our relationship with Christ through good fruit. // Coffee Series

But we don’t do that by checking off to-do lists and endeavoring to be women we’re not. We do that by abiding, resting, acknowledging that there is no good in us and anything we can do good is a gift form our good Father. It’s evidence of Him in us.

I know abiding can be hard. That’s why we need each other — let’s pray, encourage, and lift each other up as we journey together at being better at abiding. With Christ we are more than conquerors … of perfectionism and the nagging fear that we’ll never be good enough. 

With love, blessings, and coffee,


4 thoughts on “You’re Not Called to be Superwoman // Coffee Series

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    Ooo… It truly is a curse to want to do and be everything. I was talking to Justin about this last night. Primarily in how I get so stinking mad at myself, when I am struggling with a constant, nagging weakness I am trying to overcome. What a blessing it is to know that no good thing comes from us, but from our Heavenly Father. And the special blessing of seeing a good thing happen, and knowing it comes from HIM.

    Thank you for this timely reminder. 🙂

    P.S. I chuckled at how you admitted to forgetting about unwashed laundry. I am way too often guilty of this. And it has come to the point, we hide a pair of Justins pants for such days… 😀

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      Yes, yes, Angel! Your words are so true and so encouraging. I love it when I have the right focus on life and accomplishments realizing that it is simply God working and living through me. It feels me with so much more peace than my trying to do and be.

      And yes! Hahaha! what a great idea having a “secret” pair of pants for laundry emergencies. That is hilarious!!! 😀

      Blessings and love to you!

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    Wow, I loved your thoughts on this and they really impacted me. I often feel inadequate, overwhelmed, and upset at myself for not being the person I want myself to be and not getting done all that I need/want to get done! You are so right, and if I can abide instead of do I know through God I can conquer all of my problems! 😊

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      I love this, Amy. Yes, yes, yes! Abiding is so much more productive than doing. And you’re not alone in feeling this way — you know I struggle all the time! But Jesus loves us and understands and is interceding for us all while we slowly learn this.

      He is good and He loves you!!

      And so do I!

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