Yummy Iced Coffee in Four Easy Steps

Traditionally, I take my coffee hot, steaming and black — it a cute mug of course.
But sometimes its good to shake things up a bit.
After reading this post by Catherine, I knew homemade iced coffee was the perfect way to shake my day up.   
Simply, pour the leftover coffee you had sitting in the bottom of your cold mug a fresh cup of coffee into an ice tray.
If you prefer, sweeten the tray with drops of goodness; I added a small bit of honey to each compartment. I’ve read that it is far better to add sweetener before freezing the coffee but I suppose you could always sweeten later.
After hours and hours of waiting simply plop the cubes into a glass.
Add milk.
(I used almond milk.)

Stir with a cute straw (required) and enjoy!
The coffee tasted better and better as the cubes began to melt.
It really was the perfect pick-me-up treat for a day spent busy with cleaning and projects!
Have you made anything out-of-the-norm lately? Comment below and let me know –you never know who you’ll inspire!
Love and a fresh iced coffee,

4 thoughts on “Yummy Iced Coffee in Four Easy Steps

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    Oh, I love iced coffee on a very hot day. I hadn't thought of making it that way, thanks Frannie!
    So pleased you got the recipe book safely, are you going to try Cornish cooking?!

    1. Avatar

      Oh, yes! I do intend to do some Cornish cooking … and I hope to blog about the results!! I used my tissue holder the other day … I simply love it! 🙂

      You are a blessing!!!

      Hoping you have some warm weather to drink iced coffee with!

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