7 Ways to Make Moving Fun (or less miserable, your pick)

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After having just moved I’ve been reminded how crazy, stressful and fun moving can be. Here are seven, tested and tried ways I’ve endeavored to making moving more fun (or less miserable). Enjoy!

Start with flowers.

I know, Frannie, I have loads of boxes surrounding me, cleaning galore, and a moving truck pulling into my driveway. Why would I start with flowers? I understand but hear me out — taking a few minutes to celebrate your move and congratulate yourself for being brave and adventurous is important and can be done with something as simple as a bouquet of flowers.

Spend $5 and plop them in a mason jar and place it in a high traffic area like the kitchen. Then, every time you walk through the area with a heavy box or miscellaneous junk you wish you hadn’t packed you’ll see something calm, relaxing and beautiful. Sweet, right?

I was blessed enough to bring a pot full of daisies from my mom to my new rental — they made me so happy during the days when our new rental was nothing but slight chaos.

Clean as you go

Cleaning each room as you finish packing it is a sure way to ensure you’ll get your deposit back. Instead of a having a huge mess to clean at the end of a long moving day clean as you go.

For me, that meant wiping down windowsills, setting the blinds in an attractive manner, gathering the nails and tacks from the walls and eventually vacuuming.

Play Music

Because life is delightful with music in the background!

We all know music can energize and lift our weary spirits so why not keep your phone plugged in and playing your favorite words?

Label boxes/bags clearly

Super important! During our last move (24 days ago) I was in the middle of thinking I had had a miscarriage (that story is here) when really I was experiencing all the fatigue, nausea, and icky-ness the first trimester brings (that celebration is here).

In other words, I was the world’s least motivated packer. After days of trying to gather boxes, I ended up packing most of our belongings in … trash bags. Silly, right? My volumes of books were packed in double-bagged bags. Clothes were folded and placed in those handy things and bathroom supplies found their way tossed into a bag.

It’s amazing how easy packing can be when you’ve got a trillion thrash bags on hand. 😉

No matter how you pack you things, make sure you label clearly. This is super important for when the U Haul is being unloaded and you can’t be in every room directing everyone.

Ask for Help

When Dalton and I moved from our first rental we did it in about five days with no help at all. In fact, we didn’t even tell our family we had moved until we had the new living room set up and set them a picture of our new nest. 😀

But this move was different. I wasn’t feeling well and our move was scheduled during Dalton’s work week. We needed help.

I am so grateful our parents came to help us. They showed up and we got busy loading the U Haul, packing, and unloading into our new, beautiful rental.


Finally, do pause the crazy packing, cleaning and moving activities to eat. It’s simple science really! Moving requires a lot of energy and physical exertion and there’s only so much you can give without fuel.

Take a break and eat something.

Most importantly, enjoy.

I know moving can feel crazy and overwhelming but look at you! You’re stepping into a new place, taking a brave step and being adventurous. No matter where your move takes you know that I am cheering for you and knowing you can do it!

Love, blessings, and coffee,


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7 Ways to Make Moving Fun (or less miserable, your pick)

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    With my own move coming up faster than I realize, I am definitely bookmarking this!! 😀 I’ve never moved before and I have 20+ years’ worth of stuff to sort through and haul over to my new place, so I guarantee there will be a lot of chaos. But I shall harness the power of flowers and music and expect things to be less stressful! 😉

    Also, THANK YOU thank you thank you for weighing in on my poor sad little post. I did write my own novel in reply on my blog, so you wouldn’t feel like you were the only one having a full conversation. 🙂 And as you will see again in that comment, you helped me think a lot.

    I love you!! I hope you’re feeling pretty well and enjoying your BEAUTIFUL cozy new home! <3


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