A Finishing Reflection

hearts swells with thankfulness and praise. Another semester under my
figurative belt; so many blessings wrapped in one large, over-stuffed bundle of
tests and textbooks. Typical moments of procrastination, stress, and
hopefulness. All gone. Swept away with the passage of time.

funny how this semester, this year, will never be again. I will never sit under
the exact same teachers and I will never sit with the exact same students. The
moments of pure frustration are gone along with the opportunities each class
gave me.

next semester, there will be new chances. New tests, books, and students will
fill my days. Will I use them better than this semester?

know what I hate almost more than anything? Getting something I don’t deserve.
Whenever I’m able to squeak by with as little effort as possible—I hate that.
Will I do that next semester? Will I sit in class only to meet requirements or
will I really learn. I suppose it’s a daily choice.

must say that this semester has been my hardest; yet, it was full of blessings
and joy. It truly was a once in a life time moment. And I am so thankful to God
for seeing me through.

semester will be beginning in the coming weeks. I want to embrace it. I want to
meet it with my arms wide open and my heart willing to work, hard if need be. I
want to be purposeful about every assignment and most importantly about every
relationship I build. Purposeful in my prayer life for my fellow students. Purposeful
in my field experiences. Purposeful with my time—remembering that I am only a
steward not an owner of it.

has your latter part of the year been? I would love to hear!

                   With much love,

                             ♥ Frannie 

P.S. Thank you all for you encouraging words
and prayers! I love having a “family” of sisters in Christ all around the

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