Armor V. Chains: The Discussion of Modesty, Christian Living and Money

Armor V Chains // Authentic Virtue Blog Series

At the Duncan home we discuss a lot of practical theology. Talking about spiritual matters feeds my interests (i.e. theological nerd), gives us a chance to catch up on each other’s viewpoints and forces us to think about life’s matters from the other’s perspective.

Along the way we’ve discovered that what we consider to be opportunities for God to bless, protect and enrich our lives many see as chains and bondage. Instead of seeing the importance of biblical obedience and submission to the Word of God and its principals many are grieved and weighed down, giving excuses and living limp.

“For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous. For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.” 1 John 5:3,4

Confession #1: There have been days when keeping God’s commandments have been grievous for me #tbh. Walking in obedience can be hard and heavy. Looking back, I see that those days were the ones where I lacked faith. Faith that God’s ways were life and givers of joy.

If you relate then I’m writing for you; to remind you of the beauty, joy and privilege we as Christians have in following God.  I have found joy in living a life of holiness, not rules, and I want to share that joy with you. We want to show you that God’s ways are not chains but armor meant to protect you, His child.

Confession #2: I live differently then most folk but this series will not be a how-to-be-like-Frannie course. I’ve fallen into the trap of legalism before and I don’t want to  place someone in that direction. There will be no rules, no dress-codes. I only hope you’ll find encouragement and thought-provoking words.

I’m a simple, practical woman. I like facts, life examples and first-hand experience. If you’re looking for a someone to write lengthy discourses diving deep into the principals of Augustine and Luther then you may find my thoughts a little too sweet and simple for your taste.

We’ll tackle three practical, life-relevant topics: modesty, Christian living and money. (These are my favorite.) 🙂  I imagine you have to dress, exchange money and exist at some point throughout the year (if not, you are one amazing hermit; can I write your memoirs?)

Confession #3: Over my six years of blogging I have rarely written about my beliefs on these topics; I tend to focus on the beauty of daily life and lessons learnt. I’m both excited and intimidated by sharing my heart on such touchy, practical bits of life. But we live in a time were the beauty of following God is being forgotten and the least I can do is share my heart.

Looking forward to growing, loving and rejoicing in the beauty of walking with God,


6 thoughts on “Armor V. Chains: The Discussion of Modesty, Christian Living and Money

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    Oooo, this is exciting!!! The phrase “armor vs. chains” is very evocative, and I’m especially looking forward to applying that phrase to the topic of modesty – since leaving behind the legalistic self-righteousness of my adolescent years, I have shied away from the modesty discussion (even though I still practice almost the same standards) exactly because it has been a chain to me more than armor. YET, it is a very important discussion and it is a set of principles that we must not discard. So I really look forward to hearing (participating in?) your discussion on that issue in particular. 🙂

    I love you Frannie!! I’m really enjoying the time and “taking-seriously-ness” that you’ve been putting into your blog this year – I learn something from you every time I come (and get seriously sweetified and encouraged too!)!

    (And yes, I am TOTALLY making up my own words today!!)

    ~ Vicki

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      First, I am so excited that you are excited about this. I am very intimidated writing up such personal, practical beliefs but I am also very much looking forward to it as well. So, your excitement really blesses me. ♥

      Secondly, thank you!! I really have been working hard … I have so many dreams for this blog and I’ve discovered that the “taking-serious-ness” s really important. Haha!

      You are a big blessing to me!! 😀

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    so other couples do this too?! 🙂 Cue long deep discussions as we come together with different backgrounds, baggage and dreams – agreements and disagreements and solving all the problems….well not quite. Can’t wait to hear more of your thoughts. These are relevant things for today and I love your heart…I lived too long in personal legalism so I hear you there.

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      Lol! Ah, I can see that my title has caused a little confusion. I mainly meant that my writing would reflect our thoughts; however, I would *very, very much love* to have open discussions as we solve all the world’s problems. 😀 This would be the fulfillment of a dream for me, quite literally! ha!

      Thank you for your heart and for the encouragement you send my way. ♥

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