Greetings from Missouri! Life in the Halbert household is going well and in various directions! : ) This upcoming week Daddy, Jeremiah, and I will be leaving for Alaska–my home state! for those of you who don’t know, we left Alaska when my Daddy got a new job with the National Scenic Riverways. It was a big move for us since we children had lived in Alaska for 16 years or so. However, the move was a huge blessings and while we miss Alaska we are so thankful God has brought us here! So, with all that said, we are heading up to Alaska for my Momma’s retirement from the Air National Guard, a very exciting thing! 
A river in our area. So pretty! 
 Allie can’t come with us since she is working diligently in Wyoming. (We miss you Al!) And soon Discovery Ministries, the camp where I work as a cook, will be entering its busy–and I mean busy–season. So we Halberts are doing well, but going in various directions!! 🙂   
Recently, I was blessed by two awards from Addie and Eden, two very sweet sisters in Christ!
From Addie I recieved the Prolific Blogger Award. A prolific blogger is one who is intellectually productive, keeping up an active blog with enjoyable content.
After accepting this award, recipients are asked to pass it forward to 7 other deserving blogs and their authors.

So, I would like to award this to: My Followers!
With eight known followers I know and enjoy each one! If you have already recieved this, please pass it on! 
Congratulations sisters!
From Eden I recieved  the Lemonade Award!
Again, I would like to award this cute award to my eight known followers! Congratulations!
Thank you Eden and Addie for your thoughtfulness! God bless you sisters!
I know you all are entering your busy summer season too. SO may the Lord bless you with faith, joy, and peace as you press on!
With love,

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    Seasons of business, and seasons of rest… all are a blessing. May the Lord bless your trip and you and your family have a wonderful time…..

    Your Sister In Christ,

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    Frannie, I hope you have a wonderful trip to Alaska! Sounds like so much fun!! I am sorry that Allie won't be able to go, but I hope you can still have a blessed time! God bless, Diane

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