Bear Ye One Another’s Burden

Greetings of love to you! I hope this finds you well and rejoicing in the salvation and grace of Jesus Christ. I am well; we’ve been quite busy lately with the blessings of many summer guests. It’s fun to think our house has been flipping over often enough that I’ve been calling it a boarding house. I always love sprucing up my bedroom which doubles as the guest bedroom. I think you know you are a lover-of-all-things-feminine when tidying your room for guests becomes a fun and exciting challenge. How I love changing the furniture and setting a fresh begonia near the white alarm clock. 🙂 Mrs. Becky Dress 003 Lately, I have been blessed by so many and the blessings remind me of God’s burden bearing love. Sometimes I can get trapped into believing the world’s definition of love. Love isn’t a good feeling; in fact, love does not always feel good and love may not even feel (gasp!). Love is not a warm, float-above-all-troubles sort of thing. Instead, love is practical—when the going get’s tough love gets tougher. Love helps a wayward friend but it also encourages one to take responsibility. It is long-suffering. Love remembers that the spoiled child complaining has an inside issue which may need a kind word instead of a harsh, correcting chide. Love is kind. Love remembers to bless those who are given good even when it itself is given less, the spoiled and the remnant; it does not envy. Love does not vaunt itself but meekly and quietly serves other’s first. Love is being willing to ask for forgiveness when you realize you just said the wrong thing for it is not puffed up. Love remembers to behave itself—even when it is alone. It remembers to not seek its own—it meets the needs of others. It is not easily provoked when silly sister’s say foolish, hurtful words (I must learn from my mistakes!); love does not think evil of another—it does not assume evil. It rejoices not in iniquity but in truth therefore love will seek to hear and tell the truth even when it is painful.

Love beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things. Charity never faileth.

What I find completely amazing is that love beareth all things—All Things! How often I fall short to bear my fellow person’s burdens; what is even more amazing is to see how often my fellow man will bear mine. God has shown Himself to me these past few months. He has shown me His graciousness, enduring kindness, love and strength. He has done this through many people. In three months I have been seen many eager hands reach into their stretched wallets endeavoring to give to my Ghana trip. I have been given the chance to share my testimony six times—people have given their time to listen to my ever-stumbling mouth. I have seen my family, both physical and spiritual, believe in me and hope for me. How good God is to show Himself through His creation! Just today I was shown a love which never fails—a dear friend of mine who helped me shop for fabric, find measurements, adjust patterns and quietly sew a new dress for me! What love; what kindness! I’ve seen a love which told the truth when the truth was the last thing wanted to be said.

Mrs. Becky Dress 005 A lovely green and cream swirl print dress made in the princess pattern. Mrs. Becky Dress 006 A pretty, twirly, modest dress. One of those dresses which make even the  plainest hanger it trustfully sets on a little more graceful and important looking.

However noble and good the acts of love I saw this last week were none compared to the greatest of love: Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. To know that Jesus loves me (Loves Me!). Not only did He speak of love but  He demonstrated it by dying for me and rising again so that I may love and live for Him and therefore be fulfilled—this is the greatest of loves. And the wonderful news is that He loves you in the exact same way—His is a love that is long-suffering, kind, enduring. His is a love which Bears All Things. I hope you all are well—I hopefully you are enjoying nice, cool August weather. I believe my friends dwelling in Alaska are already experiencing 45’ weather—sounds lovely to me. And guess what? Lord willing, I will be flying away from home and towards Ghana in 36 days! Praise the Lord! Many blessings to you, Frannie    “Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2   *A special thanks to my special cousin who graciously tromped around, camera in hand, with me amidst a humid Missouri afternoon. You’re a blessing! 🙂

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    Dear Mrs. Elizabeth,

    Thank you! I also hope and trust that the Lord will be with me. believe I'll be using Psalms 18:2 as one of my mottos while there and while preparing.

    Many blessings!

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