a Case of the Chicken-Pox and Upturned Emotions

“But before I go, I want once more to tell you how good He is, how blessed it is to suffer with Him, how infinitely happy He has made me in the very hottest heat of the furnace. It will strengthen you in your trails to recall this my dying testimony. There is no wilderness so dreary but that His love can illuminate it, no desolation so desolate but that He can sweeten it. I know what I am saying. It is no delusion. I believe that the highest, purest happiness is known only to those who have learned Christ in sickrooms, in poverty, in racking suspense and anxiety, amid hardships, and at the open grave…To learn Christ, this is life!””
– Elizabeth Prentiss

Life is currently . . . chaotic, to put it simply. Amidst frustrated, tidal-like emotions I have seen the amazing love of Jesus. A love which proves to be sufficient even during the most crazy of circumstances. When a night spent between two cousins (one homesick and the other tossing with a scratchy case of the chicken-pox) creates a tired body, my heart delights in the tender and renewed mercies of the Lord given the next morning. When “my little shadow” ceases not in shadowing me I find joy in his dear, enduring love.

My beautiful but pox stricken cousin, Carl.
Snapping a quick picture while the fire’s ashes fall like snow.
Truly, Jesus is all I need. And at this time of chaos I choose to believe in Him.
Hoping you are finding our Lord faithful and true!

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