Finding Delight in Being Delightful

Let's be women of delight!

Hello, sweet folk.

It’s been a long, beautiful, lesson-filled week for this woman.

Amid the various tasks, responsibilities and necessities (like laundry, meal planning, wiping toilets and herding energetic 3rd graders …) I discovered a beautiful thing:

There is delight in being delightful.

Marriage isn’t always easy or fun. Just as being a student isn’t always energetic coffee-shop study hours and teaching isn’t always excellent, common core slaying lessons, so marriage isn’t always roses and kisses and lovey-dovey-you-make-my-heart-stop-goosh. (Although there is a fair share of that.) 😉

It’s easy to become the woman you never intended to be. Without trying, I’ve been the nagging wife, a disrespectful shrew (haha, ew), the uncreative cook (can anyone say one-minute rice, please?) and the discouraging friend when my husband really needs a smile.

It’s no surprise that being a wife can become a back-burner role we women are tempted to neglect.

So it’s no surprise that we can lose our ability to delight.

And that’s where I want to inspire you. Dear women, let’s find delight in being delightful. Let’s take joy in being sun beams to our men who so often need a sunrise in to brighten their grey workdays. Let’s take our roles of helpmeet, friend and lover serious enough that we’re willing to go the extra mile and delight the man we vowed to stand by.

Any body can trudge through life … it takes a special person to sprinkle delight and joy.

(And here’s the best part … there’s rewards for being delightful!) It may take time but your husband and family will begin to bless your efforts. Unconsciously, you will begin to find rewards in loving selflessly. The seeds you sow will reap harvest. The more you smile, pursue, serve, encourage and bless the more you will be smiled upon, pursued, served, encouraged and blessed.

It’s a beautiful, life-giving, God-made cycle.

And you get to start it.

Let’s learn to see the delight in being delightful.

With love, blessings and coffee,


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Finding Delight in Being Delightful

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    This is so encouraging!! And I am rediscovering this week (oh, what a post I have to write about this ‘Jonah’ of a week!!) that our ability to bring delight and joy into others’ lives is directly related to the amount of time we spend replenishing our joy alone with God. When we’re busy feeling spiritually undernourished and anxious, it’s very difficult to reach outside ourselves and bring joy to others. Double conviction for me tonight!!

    I love you Frannie! I feel so happy every time you check in! <3

    Have a lovely day,

    1. Avatar

      Ah, Vick! You always bring me such joy and encouragement. I am glad my words brought something to you — it is something I am thoroughly enjoying learning but boy, it can be hard sometimes!!

      I love and appreciate you! Your latest post has me thinking and glad to hear about what you are learning. 🙂

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    that’s crazy as that’s my word for this year too! It has been good for me to think on those things but I’m finding it to really stretch me – convicting but in good ways.

    1. Avatar

      Eeee! How fun!

      I understand – learning to delight and be delighted in is far more challenging than I expected. I look forward to hearing more about how God works this into your life. 🙂

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