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Ah … reading. Isn’t it the best? Last year I made a goal to read more and finished a total of eleven or so books. To some of you reading folk that number is laughable. But to me it’s progress.

This year I’m setting my sights higher. I’m already beginning to plan my summer-break reading list to include these great copies above as well as I few I’ll need to borrow from the library.

I’m a big believer in balance. During my early-twenties I over-taxed my story-loving heart by indulging myself in too many big theoretical reads and sermons. And while they did me a world of good they also burned my love for reading. So now, I aim for balance. I’m okay with reading heavy material as well as light-hearted novels or educational reads.

What are you reading this summer? Are you a lover of books or does the thought curl your toes? What’s the title of your latest read? I’d love to know!

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5 thoughts on “My Summer Reading Goals

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    Oh what a great and diverse stack of books you have for the summer! I love Sink Reflections- Flylady has helped me so much and I’ve re-read that book many times. Your other books look great and I’m going to check some of them out! 😊 You know I LOVE books and reading so I have a long list for summer! I like to read fun summer romances and light reads in the summer, saving the long epic fantasy novels for the winter. 😉 Morgan Matson is one of my very favorite authors to read during the summer. I also plan to read Audacious by Beth Moore and Stepping Heavenward which you suggested! 😊 Yay for books!!!

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      Hello, Amy!

      I *love* that you have a seasonal reading schedule — that’s a really fun idea!

      I used to work for a wonderful woman I called Miss Nae and she was a big believer and proponent of the Fly Lady. 😀 She always had something to tell me about housekeeping and organizing according the the Fly Method. She’s actually the one who sent me the books!

      I’m excited to hear about “Audacious!” I didn’t know that was one of Beth Moore’s.

      🙂 Happy reading, sweet friend!

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    Ooooo… Looks like you have a great reading plan going Frannie! 🙂 I would love to say I am an avid reader, but it really depends. I go through spurts where all I want to do is read. And other times, well, I can’t stand the thought of picking up a book. Which may or may not be the current mood… 😉 But my latest reads have been “The Birth Partner” by Penny Simkin and “Ina Mays Guide to Breastfeeding” by Ina May Gaskin.

    Enjoy your reading days, my friend!

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      Oh, I so understand, Angel! I’m actually more like how you described. I’m always wanting to read something but sometimes, depending on the season of life I’m in, I don’t want to touch a book. Which is funny considering I work as a part-time librarian! 😉

      Those books sound perfectly wonderful. I *love* that you are reading and growing in knowledge in the birthing department. I ‘ll have to check some of those out!

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    Goodness I could echo this so well…in the last year my love has reignited (slowly) as well as my variety in what I read (mostly due to my husband’s encouragement…) I have several of wide variety on my to read list this summer and some of those above look good. Will you do any reviews?

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