Summer with a Purpose- Week One!

Oh dear! My third post for the day. . .I guess this is what happens when one procrastinates. 🙂
However, I am very excited about this post. 🙂

Emily Elizabeth from My Life Belongs to Him has set up a challenge titled “Summer with a Purpose.” She wrote on how summer time will often bring out the idle, bored, or lazy side in her life and I must say that that happens to me too! Lately, after getting home from work, I have been getting into the bad habit of zonking out onto the couch or I will sit and “rest” for the rest of my day. In short, I struggle with being idle and lazy during the summer; my to-do list lays unchecked and my days are not used to their fullest.  I greatly desire to honor my Lord by obeying His word which says, “So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom” Psalms 90:12 and “See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil” Ephesians 6:15,16. I know that properly managing my time is an essential and good skill I need to learn whether I am blessed to marry or not. So, if you cannot tell, I am whole-heartedly joining in with this challenge. Every Friday I will link up to Emily Elizabeth’s blog telling one productive task I accomplished that week. For this first week I am to set some goals in the following catergories. Here I go! 

  Edifying Videos…

As a family we do watch tv and movies. It is my goal to only watch movies which lift up the standards of the Lord in what I (Though none go with me, still I will follow . . .) watch. (What I mean by that little line is that I cannot change the standards of anyone, I can only change myself).

This summer I hope to learn and practice the skill of canning, make granola, and try a few new recipies. Lately, I have been interested in preparing nutricious foods; I hope to pursue that in my cooking/baking this year.

Oh, so many books to read so little time! I hope to make a booklist for this summer and follow it! My goal for this month is to read Before You Meet Prince Charming by Sarah Malley and The Power of Crying Out by Bill Gothard along with reading my Bible.

Using Emily Elizabeth’s exact words, “(I tend to lean toward the side of going to bed late and sleeping in late. That makes for a very unproductive day, and makes me feel very sluggish. We plan to exercise and eat right… with little sleep and not enough healthy foods, we’re not going to want to do anything!)”

This is exactly me! It is my goal to go to bed early, so that I may rise early (and joyfully!). I especially need my sleep while working and find it very difficult to efficiently and clearly function when I haven’t gotten a decent amount of sleep. During this summer I also desire to eat healthy. I so desire to be a godly example in every area (even in my weight) of my life and I know eating habits are one of them! And finally, I hope to exercise by walking at least three times a week! “She girdeth her loins with strength, and strengtheneth her arms” Proverbs 31:17.

Scripture Memorization…
I greatly desire to be the person God wants me to be and memorizing His Word will help me in every way! At this monet I am trying to memorize a chapter in Psalms and also the Book of James. I hope to apply myself to this subjest greatly this summer!

It is my goal this summer to apply myself to our cleaning schedule and stick to it! A clean home can help it be a happy home and part of being a keeper of the home is presenting a tidy and clean home to your husband. Since I am not married I am still in training and what better opportunity to learn the skills of cleaning and homemaking!

Biblical Womanhood…
This summer I desire to learn and apply godly virtues to my life, virtues which make women godly. Part of this is looking into God’s Word and seeing what He says a godly woman is and does.

This summer I will apply myself to bettering my violin playing. After ending my lessons two or so years ago, I love to play. Like Emily Elizabeth said, I hope to be able to teach my children one day and so I better prepare myself! This summer I will apply myself to mastering (as much as I can) my Suzuki songs while working through the new fiddle book I bought!

There are a few projects I need to do this summer. First on my list is to sew some jumpers; at this moment I have two fabrics I need to use.
Secondly, I need to repair a few of my dresses. I have not done this before, but this summer I will apply myself to fixing clothing.
Being blessed with stamps and card making equipment I hope to make several cards this summer.
And finally, I one emroidery project that has been neglected for a few years. This summer I hope to finish it.

Well, that’s my summer! If you are one who struggles with being productive during summer, I’d encourage you to join (especially if you need a little accountability like myself). The button on my sidebar will take you to Emily Elizabeth’s blog. Have a wonderful day sisters!

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