Oh the Joys

Greetings! I hope this finds each of you well and rejoicing in the love of Jesus. These last few days have been quite full—a good full. And the business we have been experiencing in our household has me smiling with joy. Over what, you may ask? Over the joys of home making. I hope you will not mind, but I feel like creating a list containing the joyful aspects of being at and serving the home. Here I go!

Freshly mopped floors, pulling frozen desserts out of the freezer,
finding a special organized place for each object, washing windows and seeing a sparkle of sunshine enter,
sweeping the front porch on a chilly winter day, changing decorations to match the season,
coffee brewing, seeing the furniture fresh and smiling after a long-needed dusting,
making time to make cards,
candles giving comforting scents and light, white curtains in a feminine room full of morning rays, making time to read a good book,
being able to cook a good meal for a hungry family, being able to whip up no-bake cookies, :o)
resting with family members after a busy day, answering phone calls, an impromptu trip to the bakery with Mommy-dearest,
Christmas lights through a window, poinsettias on the hearth . . .
Have I said enough? 🙂
Oh, I know there are many struggles and difficulties with keeping a home, but can you not agree that there are also many simple, lovely blessings as well? Truly, God was kind and wise in making girls to be help-meets and, if He wills, keepers of the home?
What blessings do you enjoy when helping around your home? Would you like to share?
May Jesus bless you!
With love,
The lovely photo was found at graphicsfairy.blogspot.com

5 thoughts on “Oh the Joys

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    Hi Frannie! 🙂

    I received your letter yesterday with great delight. As I have classes starting up next week I hope to have your letter out soon (i.e. Monday or Tuesday.)

    With Much Love,

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    ~:~ Kelsey, You are welcome! May Jesus bless you as you follow Him today!

    ~:~ Sonja, Yay! I look forward to your letter!
    You are a dear sister in Christ to me Sonja!

    ~:~ Libby, I agree! I once read that to clean a house, one should first wipe off and clear the counter. It helps you concentrate and move on to the rest of the house! 🙂 Many blessings friend!

    ~:~ Mrs. Adams, Thank you for stopping by. I enjoyed the link you left. God was so good when He made women to be the keeper of the home! Such a blessing! May the Lord bless your day, Frannie

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