Seeing Your Husband As a New Creature In Christ

Seeing Your Husband As A New Creature In Christ

He’s been a Christian longer then I; yet, sometimes, I forget that he is a new creature in Christ.

Is there anyone who can relate?

(Any brave soul to grab my hand and say, “I’ve been there dearie. Now here’s a cup of coffee.”)

Somehow, I forget that my husband is a new creature in Christ. Maybe I forget because I am two years older than him, or, maybe it’s because I am the one who has read more hardbound copies of sermons. Whatever it is, sometimes I forget that who my husband is in Christ.

Instead of looking to him as an equal, re-created soul as myself, sometimes I look at him like he is the pupil, I the instructor and life my lesson book in showing him how to live best for God.

(I could use that brave soul and “me too” right about now.)

Ironically, I give myself far more grace than what I offer my beloved. I have been known to say (a time or two) things along the line of:

“Well, that’s not how Christ would do it.”

“That’s not what the Bible says, Hunny.”

“All I know is that I base my decisions off of God’s Word and I know I’m right.”

Yet, when I sin, make poor choices or struggle in life I sing a different tune more like:

“I’m still growing; I’m not the same person I used to be. Give me grace!”

(See the contradictions there?)

I suspect I am not the only wife who struggles with to see her husband as the new creatures in Christ that he is. We forget that our Christ-following husbands are being changed into the image of God and, instead, we focus on the sin, struggles and habits which make us cringe.

Let’s stop.

Let’s stop being hypocrites, embrace our redeemed men and admire the fact that, though still imperfect, they are closer to the image of God than ever before. Let’s bless them for taking steps toward righteousness, honor their endeavors toward holiness and kiss-the-dickens  out of them when they remember that we too are new creatures of Christ, fellow heirs, learning and growing in grace.

Let’s take our eyes off of ourselves and put them onto Christ; because only then can we stop competing and start co-heiring together in Him.

Love, coffee and blessings,


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      Ah! I’m so glad to have a friend who can boldly say, “Me too!”

      I am even more glad to know that we both serve a glorious God Who works constantly in our lives — and we both have good, kind men too!

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