Songs for the Christian Mom in the NICU


It’s laundry day at the Ronald McDonald House and, while I wait for my load to finish drying, I thought I’d share some of the songs that have inspired, encouraged, and helped me over the last several months when my waters broke at 24 weeks, the 6 weeks of bed rest in hospital, and now on our NICU journey.

I’ve discovered that there are days when all I an do is sing a song to the Lord … I have no mental energy to pray other than whispering single sentences as I walk the hospital hallways looking for coffee or a pumping room. There was also a time when I needed to cry, you know, the gut-hurting, throat-pounding sort of cry, but my stomach hurt too much from my c-section and I didn’t feel that I had the time or privacy necessary for the cry I was needing. #UglyCrier #HusbandLovesMeAnyways #He’sAGem Singing or listening to music was the emotional release I needed during the time when I couldn’t shed tears.

I would love to know what songs are carrying you in your season of life? Share below in a comment! 

Love, blessings, and coffee,


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