Summer 2012

I am a list making girl; in contrast to my go-with-the-flow sister, lists give me comfort and guidance. What first? What’s next? What should I do with this free time? —> check the list. Unfortunately, however, all the lists in the world do not take away from my terrible enemy, Sir Procrastination. And so I come to you . . . making myself a bit more accountable will aid in my attack and conquer.
For those of you who are “super-getter-doners”, please don’t laugh too hard. My list isn’t grand; but it is plan and I am excited. And for those like-minded people out there . . . maybe we can all help eacho their stay on task?
So, shall we make a list?

Reading Priorities:

Continue Bible reading

Elizabeth Elliot’s God’s
Jonathan Edward’s sermons
Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women

John Piper’s Desiring

Mabel Ruth Williamson’s Have We No

Reread Ghana papers

Bible Memory:

I Corinthians 1:30

Hebrews 12

I John

II Corinthians 5

Physical Priorities:

Garden Weeding and de-rocking


           – Clean



Fruit trees

            -Clean brush



Spiritual Priorities:

Learn to KNOW God

Flourish in Barnabas ministry




            -Parents and



Develop mission minded-heart



World –> Sunday School Class

verses of missions
What does your summer look like?

3 thoughts on “Summer 2012

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    I think it's wonderful that you have made a list! I tend to be the more 'go with the flow' kind of person (though only strictly in my schedule. I tend to revolt against any of the 'everyone else is doing it' sort of thing… 😉 However, lists are very nice to have every once in a while, especially when I need to get something big done. 🙂
    My list includes teaching fiddle, reading some books (still deciding which ones!), volunteering at the local nursing home (playing music, talking with the folks, etc), and writing books. I might also be doing some theatre drama, but not sure yet. 🙂
    Thanks so much for sharing the list! I'll come by every so often and see how you're doing. *wink*. 🙂
    Love you, dear sister!

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    Wow, Frannie – I am very impressed with your to-do list! I guess I'm not a "super-getter-doner." 🙂 You qualify for that in my book!!

    My summer will be pretty relaxed – I'm taking one online English class and working afternoons; I have a couple of knitting projects (socks and a baby afghan), hope to get a garden planted eventually, and would like to sew an apron and make some strawberry jam for winter; and I'm continuing to read through the Old Testament for my Bible classes. Hopefully I'll get all that done! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your summer with us! Yes, I will do my best to keep you accountable – I'll pop in at random times and ask how such-and-such item is going. Because Sir Procrastination is a constant nemesis of mine, too!! 🙂


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    Oh yes, procrastination is a problem of mine as well. 🙂 A while ago I saw a book and each page is devoted for a different random list that they give you the topic/question for. Your love for list making reminded me of that book. 🙂

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