Being the Good Girl Isn’t Enough // Coffee Series


Delight changes things for Christians. It's a gift we're given freely. also, enjoy this beautiful, freebie 8x10 printable from

My pursuit of delight has been changing things. Like any change there are difficult days but overall, the fruit of pursuing a heart which delights in the Lord and that recognizes His delight in me has been wonderful.

Recently, I stumbled across an article which spoke life into my tattered, perfection-seeking heart. I love Jordan Lee’s words,

 For a couple years, I think I tried to become that perfect girl for awhile. For a long time I sacrificed my character for my reputation. I wanted to look perfect. The good girl. The successful girl. The one who had it all together. But I was living a lie – the lie that I would be more Christian if I could be more perfect. I lost myself in the process. I lost honesty, vulnerability, and joy. And I hurt my relationships in the process.

I understand. I know the pain-filled lie trying to be perfect brings. Even at twenty-six my heart gets sidetracked chasing being good enough. Internally, I yearn to be righteous enough to make it on my own. I ache to be able to say that I am free from all faults. And sometimes, honestly, I let my heart believe that I am.

This is where the pursuit of delight steps in and changes things. As I tune my heart to delight itself in the Lord — not my good works, not in my adorableness (ha!), not in my idea of perfection — I’m humbled. Life suddenly isn’t numbed by pride but alive because, well, there is a God, He is alive, in Him we live and in Him we thrive.

It’s also two-fold. I’m learning everyday that my God delights in me. Me. As I am. When I was His enemy He loved me. And even now, when I let the world distract me and along pride to be an idol, He continues to love me. My good works will not win His heart — He’s already given it.

What side do you fall on? Are you desperately trying to be the good girl? Or have you given up on being loved by God? Either way, sweet person, know that God will meet you right where you’re at and be all that you need. Need to know how? Ask. 

Like that “Delight changes things” pic? It’s yours, free for the taking. Follow this link (you’ll need Acrobat Reader), download and enjoy hanging it’s 8×10 beauty on your fridge or cork board. Because we all need a little inspiration now and again. 🙂

Love, blessings, a heart growing in delight and coffee,


My Theme for 2016 // Coffee Series

Coffee With You Series

Hello sweet people and welcome back for coffee and Friday conversation. I *love* Fridays with you because the post and your comments are what this blog is really about — growing closer to our Lord together! 🙂

My theme word for 2016 is delight. I’m learning to live out my life moments and responsibilities with an attitude of delight. I’m learning to make room in my heart for delight.

What does that mean practically?

I’m taking delight in reading God’s Word every morning … and taking delight in confessing my heart to Him.

I’m forming new habits of thought. When tempted to despair over my fallen human condition I’ve been delighting in speaking truth to my heart: You are a child of God and you don’t have to work to be His.

I’m taking the time I need to break the cycle of perfectionism in my life. Meaning, I’m learning to be realistic when I make my daily to-do lists and delighting in the truth that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.

I’m pursuing my husband’s heart with new vigor because I am making my desire to bless him my delight and not my duty.

I’m discovering new adventures, new friends and new opportunities because I’m facing life with a get-to attitude vs. a have-to attitude.

And, most importantly, I’m teaching my heart to view my relationship with God with delight. I’m learning to rest in His redemptive work and ability (and want to) to sanctify me. I’m also learning to observe the truth that it delights His heart when I delight in Him.

It’s really as simple as that. Life becomes less stressful, less to-do list driven when I remember that God delights in me and my delight in Him. I am loved, I am wanted and I am delighted in by my Heavenly Father, His Son and His Spirit.

Isn’t that something worth delighting in? 🙂

What’s your theme or word for 2016? How has it impacted your year already? Are you growing or maintaining spiritually this year? I would love to hear your heart so I can pray for it.

With so much love, blessings and coffee,