7 Ways ISFJ’s Bring Light into the World

Authentically ISFJ


Being an ISFJ personality is a big mission. It can be hard to be the kind, altruistic, gentle people we’re designed to be when the world is stubbornly fast paced, enamored with power and forgetful that the little things make the world go round.

Never fear, though, my sweet people. We are meant to be sunshine in this dark world. Here is a quick, authentic look at what life is like being an ISFJ and what I’ve discovered we have to offer. Because we’ve been given a lot to give out.

[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]We’re the Defenders[/pullquote]

ISFJ’s have big, warm hearts and we feel the need to defend the underdog. This can be a lovely trait because we often see the small, forgotten souls and are able to find practical ways to defend and lift them up.

I’ve also discovered that being a defender comes with difficulty. It doesn’t matter how ridiculous, how heinous or how one-sided a situation is — ISFJ’s look for the unseen side of situations and feel a need to defend; for instance, not many people can say that they’ve mentioned Hitler’s positive traits in their high school European history class … but it happens. (at least to this ISFJ). It’s not that we’re oblivious to the errors and sin of the accused; it’s more that ISFJ’s feel an internal requirement to be the spokesperson for those on trial; to point out the positive in all situations.

[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]Hardworking + Practical [/pullquote]

ISFJ’s tend to be down-to-earth, practical people. We don’t see a need for fragmented, theoretical ideas … give us a to-do list with real-to-life goals and we’ll get the job done; we excel at arranging beauty from chaos and functionality from disorder.

Our practical nature makes us excellent workers so do take care of the ISFJ in your life. Make sure that you give her the credit she needs, verbally appreciate her labors and take the time to notice what she brings to the table. Because more often than not …

[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]ISFJ’s Hate Limelight[/pullquote]

ISFJ’s have a primal desire for praise but a hatred for all forms of self-publication. 😉 We’ll labor tirelessly and, if we’ve forgotten Who we really serve, we get frustrated and burned out while we wait for human praise.

Yet, we hate the limelight. Our introverted nature despises over-due fuss even though we long for recognition. It’s a crazy limbo we often internalize and repress until our neat, professional emotions can’t help but overflow.

[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]Genuine, Peace-seeking Souls[/pullquote]

Authenticity and genuineness are art forms ISFJ’s naturally radiate. Because ISFJ’s live to be kind, altruistic people we are able to relate and sympathize in ways that bring healing and life to those who need it. This unique ability often transforms ISFJ’s into the warm, foundational souls so needed to bring sunshine into our world.

[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]Social Introverts … [/pullquote]

ISFJ’s pack a lot of surprise. We are introverted in that, when we need to recharge our bodies, we require solitude, quiet refuge and the few we are closest to. Yet, when necessary, we are able to entertain, host and engage with genuine smiles and an amazing smoothness often unrelated to introverted personalities.

We’re social introverts. Without missing a beat, we are able to step up and engage the public. That’s why we make great teachers, nurses and ministers — careers which require initiating conversation and social engagement.

However, once ISFJ’s complete their to-do lists and successfully meet their requirements they slip into their most natural form.

[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]ISFJ’s Need Solitude[/pullquote]

ISFJ’s are introverted so we need quiet refuges we can fly to when we’re overwhelmed or tired (or else we end up hiding in bathrooms … or is that just me?) 😉 Because of this we can be seen as homebodies, quiet folk who keep to their crafts, hobbies and homes.

This is why our homes are special places radiating warmth and safety. Depending on the personality they may be eclectic or minimal, disorganized or labeled, traditional or cottage like. But no matter the style you can be sure an ISFJ’s place of refuge will be a unique, peaceful place. Especially when the home is centered on Christ.

[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]Feeling-based[/pullquote]

ISFJ’s make a majority of their decisions based on the feeling aspect of their personality. Meaning, the feelings of others carry more weight than the logic of the decision.

For instance, when my husband asks me where I want to eat out at I sort through a million thoughts. Thoughts like, “Maybe we should go for Chinese? — I wonder if the workers miss me yet?” and “How will Dalton feel is I don’t pick his favorite place?” The list goes on and on! (Haha! No wonder my logic-based INTJ husband thinks I’m indecisive!) 😉

I’ve even been known to lie because I was afraid of the pain truth could inflict. This is where ISFJ’s need wisdom and God’s grace to overcome the weakness in our personalities. This is also where we need gracious people in our lives!

Most importantly, ISFJ’s offer great beauty and brighten lives because we make decisions with other people’s feelings in mind.

There you have it — seven ways ISFJ’s bring light into the world. We’re special people reflecting God’s image and the beauty He is.

Tell me your story. Do you have an ISFJ? Have you taken the Myers-Brigg  personality test? Tell me who you are!

Love, blessings and coffee,


( If you are not familiar with this set of personality traits I encourage you to take check out 16Personalities and take the online quiz; I’ve undergone the actual pen and paper test and was surprised to see the online quiz agree with the results. It has been an awesome tool for diagnosing family members (with their permission, of course) and understanding myself.)

Why Introverts in Love are the Best Thing Ever

I can’t express the sweet quirkiness two introverts in love bring to the universe.

I mean, we introverts are already pretty cool.

But when introverted personalities choose to let someone into their personal, intimate lives, for better or for worse, I’m pretty sure the coolness multiplies past counting.


  • Introverts in love have homes they never want to leave because they’ve created havens of rest and refuge

Introverts need places of safety, places they can use to escape the loudness and pressure of the seeing world and be themselves. So, their homes are most likely their places of refuge. No two introverts’ space looks the same but the same quality they share is that their spaces are unique and reflecting the quirkiness deep within.

If you’re invited to the home of two introverts be prepared for something beautifully unique. It may be messy, eclectic, colorful or shabby but above all it will be a place of safe refuge full of personality.

  • Introverts in love are totally okay not going to the party …
It’s quite possible they’ll stay at home and enjoy each others company. If they’re like us they’ll play things like Minecraft, Scrabble and Star Trek episodes. If he’s a reader and she’s the artist they’ll have no problem quietly working on their individual interests, enjoying each other’s company and the knowledge that their better half is only a hallway away.
  • … But when they do they’ll bring a lot of uniqueness with them

When the darling couple do decide to face the world they’ll do it together and bring a lot of awesome uniqueness to the crowd. Next time you’re lucky enough to have an introverted, in-love couple in your home take the time to notice what they bring to the table. You may notice a lot of eye contact and inside jokes; they’ll share a bond and intimacy not many are allowed to participate in.

And, lest we forget, both will have their own set of unique quirks and humor which are bound to bring flavor to the party.

  • Introverts in love have no problem spending hours introverting together
 My introvert and I not only share a similar personality but our major love language, quality time, is also a commonality we share. And I love it! We literally do everything together and rarely get tired of each other.
  • But they also need an occasional “alone” day

So they may send the other off with coffee shop money and goodwill! 🙂

We’re both on vacation right now which  means a lot of great quality time; it also means very little alone time (something every introvert needs once in a while! 😉 ). So, D sent me off to do some of my favorite things today: go for coffee, stop by the library and visit my favorite shops on my own. He took the time to do what he does: play a video game, drink tea and simply be.

And as much as we enjoy our individual hobbies and alone time coming home to my introvert after hours alone in a coffee shop is my favorite. Being greeted, kissed and happily welcomed by the one person I allow this close is one of the greatest moments in the world.

I’ve met many introverts happily married to an extroverted spouse; these happy folk give thanks for the wonderful spice brought their way. It’s so awesome when opposites balance and bless each other. But the individuality between my introverted personality (IFSJ) and my husband’s (INTJ) also gives great balance and unique perspective … and that’s why introverts in love are the best thing ever.

What do you think? Have you met a couple of introverts in love? Are you an introvert married to an extravert? How have your personalities impacted your marriage? I’d love to hear your story!

Love, blessings and coffee,