3 Things I Do When Writing Lesson Plans

Planning Uriah’s lessons has become a creative outlet — it’s so much fun figuring out how I can best open a world of ideas on certain subjects. I love having a flexible outline laid out — it makes our daily lesson times so much more effective and enjoyable!

While writing out last week’s lesson I realized that I tend to do three things consistently when planning and I thought I shared with you today!

Check the weather and for any upcoming holidays

Each week I choose a fun new theme to frame our lessons in and checking the weather and upcoming holidays is a logical way to keep the theme and lesson practical!

For example, if the weather is going to be cold and rainy I might choose to postpone the theme of flowers or sunshine for a different week. Or, with Easter coming up, I know I will want to have already discussed Jesus’ resurrection and eggs and spring.

It’s such a simple, easy way to make homeschooling applicable to all your areas of life!

I browse Pinterest

After I choose our theme I start looking through Pinterest for craft and sensory play ideas. I try to keep categories of favorite tasks so I can revisit them.

Here are some the upcoming crafts and sensory games I plan to do this week! The first adorable craft comes from Happy Tot Shelf and the idea of arranging flowers is from Rhymes of Play!

I shop around the house

After I’ve checked the weather and upcoming holidays and made a list of Pinterest inspired crafts and games I start shopping … around the house!

I love that there is a growing supply of adorable homeschool materials but I don’t need all of the things. I used to get a little blue when planning lessons because I just didn’t have all the cute things.

So now, I shop my house.

If I really want a flash card or poster I can either make one on Canva (for free!) or I doodle one myself. Yes, all those adorable wooden trays are SO cute but they’re not necessary.

It’s so much better to put time and energy into your lessons than to wait for the perfect set up or materials.

Your kiddo will not mind using Dollar Tree chalkboards, reading borrowed books from the library, or playing in a sensory bin filled with rice from the kitchen.

You don’t need all the fancy objects to have a great lesson plan – shop around your house and use what you have.

I’d love to know what you do as you’re making your lesson plans! Leave me a comment below — I’m always wanting to find more ways to make the planning process go more smoothly!

Love and blessings!


Why Nap Time Needs to be Your Time

In my early days of motherhood, nap time was a stress filled sprint — dishes, laundry, pumping, bottle washing, meal prep, medical equipment upkeep, toilet scrubbing, and bills all demanded my attention. I ran on low trying to cram my long list of to-do’s into the 3-4 hour naps Uriah took a day.

I was tired, frazzled, angst-filled, and guilt ridden because the to-do lists were never fully done.

Thankfully, my sweet, thoughtful, Mr. Fix-it sort of husband encouraged (demanded?) that I either sleep or relax during one or both of Uriah’s naps. He wasn’t keen on coming home to a freaked-out wife especially when the pressure I was feeling was my own creation.

It took several months to adjust to this new expectation — sleep (or rest) when baby rests. I’m a list-maker and relaxing and/or napping during the day made me feel unproductive, guilty, and that I was failing as a mom and wife.

Are you in the same boat? Do you struggle with feeling defeated, exhausted, and frustrated while you try to juggle motherhood and life? You are not alone, sweet mama! We have all been in your shoes. 

I think it’s important to remember that we don’t indulge in mommy time because we want to dull our exhaustion and never ending to-do lists. We enjoy mommy time because it refreshes us, equipping us to love more, feel better, and work harder. Therefore, taking time to rest is important. Mama, make nap time your time!

For me, my avenues of relaxation include reading God’s Word and connecting through prayer, catching up on my current Netflix craze, reading a favorite book, coffee, napping, being creative (blogging or crafting), decorating the house for new seasons, and having a friend for devotions and lunch. I won’t lie, I do tend to clean during nap time but that is because I enjoy cleaning and keeping up our house. But in the early days of motherhood I needed more down time so cleaning tended wait.

Tell me — what are your favorite down times? I would love to get to know you better so leave me your current Netflix craze, relaxation tip, or book? Here’s to you mama … now go take a break! 🙂 

Love and blessings, 


My 3 Favorite Ways to Play with my Toddler

As a twenty-eight year old, first time mama, I’m learning a lot about the special relationship between mother and child and one of the most important life lessons I’m currently learning is how to play.

There’s something so beautiful and exciting when you see your child grasp new forms of play. Some of my forever memories will include watching Uriah motion to his favorite song or roar at me when I sneak up close.

Play is not only good for our little’s development but it makes for a happier life. Playing with your babies turns the tired, long, hard days of motherhood into days of joy, laughter, and memories.

Here are 3 of my favorite ways I play with my toddler!

Songs with hand motions

We LOVE singing songs — every morning, I start the day by turning on the bedroom light and singing our favorite morning song. The days are full of music and Uriah sings too! (Which is quite a joy and accomplishment considering most children with trachs cannot make sound). 

Some of our favorite hand motioned songs include Itsy, Bitsy Spider, Head And Shoulders, Wheels on the Bus, and Patticake.

Hide and Seek

Even though Uriah isn’t yet walking we have a fabulous time playing hide and seek! I hop down on all fours and crawl around, hiding behind furniture and around corners. Uriah loves looking for mama and the victory of finding me!

Playing Pretend

Ah, this is the best! We’re starting to enter the more advanced stages of play which include pretending. I love watching Uriah drive his cars or walk his little toy animals across the floor. It really is the best!

A friend recently gave me more ideas for pretend play and they included:

Playing with your toddler really is limitless and you don’t have to have expensive toys to make it successful! All of the ideas above basically involve time, effort, and you smiling.

(And to the special parents out there with children who may have medical issues and developmental delays — you can play too! I know it’s hard (and you have a million things to do) but your little one needs you to be their playmate as well as their caretaker, advocate, and appointment maker. They need your smiles and laughter!)

So here’s to all of my fellow mamas who choose to take the time to play. And here’s to motherhood — the snot, chores, hugs, late nights, tickles, and life lessons all rolled into a sweet and precious relationship between mother and child. Enjoy!


What are some of your favorite play activities you do with your baby/toddler? What’s your favorite hand motion song? Leave me a comment below! I’d love to hear your thoughts!