Peace Is a Gift God Wants to Give Your Home

It’s been such a long time since my thoughts found there way to this beloved space. Life, life has kept me busy and when I’m not busy I’m tired. (Mom life, am I right?)

At the moment I’m sitting beneath our covered porch listening to the pounding spring rain and thunder. I’ve got a bathrobe, freshly showered hair, and iced coffee on the scene while my men sleep soundly inside.

Life is so good. Marriage is so good. Motherhood is so good. God is so good.

But good doesn’t mean easy.

This season of life has me learning. Worry tends to bog me down these days; fear, what-ifs, and unknowns can change my moods from naturally cheerful to fretful and irritable.

What if I’m not feeding Uriah well enough (since we’re still using formula as he struggles to tolerate blended meals)? What if I’m not loving him enough? What if he needs more surgical repair and I’m not advocating hard enough? What if he gets sick again?

I’ve worn my emotions and mind to a thread wondering if I’m doing enough.

And like God often does, He led me to some wisdom exactly when I was ready for it. I was on the verge of breaking down into an unusual fit of tears and found a book with words that spoke amazing life and peace into my hurting soul:

When we release our children into the Father’s hands and acknowledge that He is in control of their lives and ours, both we and our children will have greater peace. -Stormie Omartian

Ah, isn’t that good? Sweet friend, wherever you are in life I hope you can pursue trusting God’s care and letting go of worry. Whether you are a new mom, a special needs mom, or an older mom with a way-ward child, this peace-filled trust is meant for you and your children.

I know trust isn’t easy. We like to control life (at least I do). I like being in charge of my little kingdom, I crave responsibility.

But I can’t control health. I can’t control insurnace approvals. I can’t even control milestones.

But I can trust that God is in control and I can enjoy the amazing peace filling my heart when I do.

The sweet thing is that peace is a gift God wants to give your family. Your Creator God longs to fill your home with peace that passes all understanding. A calm, restful attitude doesn’t have to come forced, wrestled into submission. It’s a gift, free to His people who choose to simply rest in God’s great love and power.

Here’s to hoping my worry-filled days can point you in a better direction. Here’s to wishing you may know the “blessed assurance” that Jesus will meet your needs.

With love, blessings, and coffee,


Encouragement from all Sources // Coffee Series

Coffee With You Series

I recently stumbled on something that deeply impacted my worldview.

God speaks (to me) through people.

I know, I know. Not very original. But when I take the time to consider this I’m rattled to the very core. Suddenly, the love of God is more real and more tangible than ever.

One of my favorites, Lux et Amor, shared something which pulled the strings of my heart. I’ve known for years that God speaks His truth and love to me through nature. Waterfalls, fields and light-filled, leafy trees remind me constantly of His greatness, care and interest.

But what if real people speaking real conversations to me are another way God speaks into our lives?

What if my husband’s words, “You are beautiful, Frannie” and “You make me so happy to come home” are not just revealing the heart of my Beloved but the heart of my Heavenly Groom?

Perhaps friend’s phrases are more than just phrases. What if the “I appreciate you” and “I am blessed to have you here” and “You have a lot to offer, Frannie” are more than sincere words from kindred spirits? What if they’re bits of truth from my greatest Friend’s heart?

What if?

What if God, with all His power and ability and care, actually uses people to speak into our lives — not just words of direction or guidance but words of love, care and encouragement?

Well, things suddenly change. Suddenly, wonderfully, I am reminded tangibly of my Maker’s love and interest. Quite quickly I am shown that His kindnesses and friendship isn’t as hard to find as I thought.

Suddenly, I am surrounded by more than good people — I’m surrounded by a God Who is ever present and ever loving.

Isn’t that beautiful?

What do you think? Do you believe God speaks tiny bits of beauty into your life through others? Have you heard something you know are His truths spoken from a friend?

With love, blessings and coffee,