To: My Sister’s Boyfriend

Greetings my dear sisters {and brothers} in Christ! I hope this finds you all well and growing in the peace, power, and love of our Lord Jesus Christ—He is a good and wonderful Lord! Recently, I found out that I had a male reader. . .but not any male reader. .  .the boyfriend of my beloved and only sister. I could only smile with approval when I found out he read my blog and I could only chuckle when I heard him ask, “SO what’s up with all of this ‘dear sister’ stuff? What about your brethren?!” Hehe! I started Authentic Virtue hoping to find fellowship with like-minded Christian girls and also to be a blessing to my fellow sisters in Christ. I have had experience with delicate and special female topics and I have had experience with being a daughter of the Heavenly King, so why not combine the two? I never thought of having male readers. .  .I know so very little about them! :o) But Tom is right; Christian men are my brothers in Christ and it is my job to also be a blessing to them in a godly way. While I primarily write with girls in mind, I do hope to be a blessing to my brothers. So, in honor of Tom opening my eyes to the “other side of the isle,” I would like to thank him for the ways he has been blessing our home lately. Perhaps this “thank you” can also encourage my fellow sisters in Christ to seek God’s highest concerning young men? And while seeking God’s highest, let us prepare ourselves and make ourselves worthy of a God-seeking young man. Furthermore, may we be able to accept God’s will, whether that be marriage or not, all the while preparing ourselves for our heavenly groom.   Fran's 007  TO: Mr. Tom– Thank you for making my sister feel like a princess, thank you for making her cry tears of joy instead of tears of pain, thank you for reading your Bible daily, thank you for honoring your father’s wishes, thank you for being a good listener, thank you for seeking good relationships in your family, thank you for seeking a career, thank you for dancing with my sister, thank you for caring for the elderly, thank you for leaving your past and looking to Christ for your future, thank you for patiently dealing with a silly family, thank you for being friendly, thank you for praying for our family, thank you for having an excellent work ethic, thank you for reading my blog 🙂 , thank you for showing my sister that there are men who truly love the Lord, thank you for being good natured, thank you for striving for godliness, thank you for honoring God’s call in my sister’s life, thank you for patiently dealing with a hurt family, thank you for befriending my brother, thank you for being courteous, thank you for praying with my sister. Finally, thank you for loving and obeying Christ; that alone is the biggest blessing you could ever share with any one. Fran's 006 May the Lord bless your day! Frannie

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    Thank you, Frannie! This made my day! Keep up the good work on the blog, and thanks again for the kind words and including your brothers in Christ.


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    Fran fran!!! These are all things that mean soo very much to me… but you say them way better then I could have. Yes yes… thank you sweetheart (TOM) for all you do for me and my family. 🙂

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    ~Mrs. Elizabeth, I do hope so!! 🙂

    ~Tom, Thank you for reading my blog! I'm blessed to hear you were blessed!! It is all true!

    ~ Sister, I love you! And I am so glad you approve! :o)

    ~Mrs. Adams, Yes, I think she has. 🙂

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    My oh my, I've not seen this–Frannie Girl, you are a blessing! My eyes well up with tears as I read this conversation between you, your blogging sisters, your sister sister, and your sister's friend, Tom. WHAT A BLESSING!! Could a mother be more blessed? I think not!! My heart is smiling–big time. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you thank you for your mercy in my life. Thank you for my husband who puts up with my ADD. Thank you for my three blessed children. Truly, I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth. III John 1:4. In the precious name of Jesus, Amen

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    Frannie, you are oh so stinking cute! I love you and miss you so dearly! I can't wait to see you in say, seventeen days! Why must you leave me for college. Depression.

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    I am so thankful to know that Christ Himself intertwined my life with your family! I am in awe of how he knew that I needed your companionship so desperately to keep my heart running in the right direction…His direction! This is one of the most beautiful statements of Christian love I have seen. Bless you for sharing and "Thank you!!" for allowing me to be a witness to it. I will miss knowing you are so close Miss Frannie. You have beautiful way of flowing into the hearts of those around you and just giving them peace and rest in your presence. This is truly a gift from Our Father. Grateful that He allows me to experience it.

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    Dear Mrs. Terrill,

    I love you! God was so wise and loving when He brought our families together–you are a bright smile and encouragemnet to me and I love you, Sister Angie!! Thank you for reading my blog–that is such a blessing!

    With love, Frannie

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