October 6, 2012

Outside my window…  it was a clear, breezy October Sunday. At this
moment however, the cool air is sparkling with stars ahead.

I am thinking… about traveling to Arkansas
tomorrow and about the blessings of having school off for most of this week.

I am thankful… for cool nights, kittens, coffee,
and sugared toast.

In the kitchen… clean dishes drying and a
fresh pot of coffee.

I am wearing… my  polka-dotted 
jumper and a matching hunter green shirt. Oh, and pink fluffy socks. J

I am creating… cards like this!
Cuteness found here!

I am going… to grocery and clothes shop
tomorrow, prepare for my grandparent’s arrival, and finish this month’s menu!

I am wondering… whether I shall get all I want

I am reading… Stepping Heavenward, Great Expectations, and Wind in the Willows.
(I took your advice Vickie and am enjoying this

I am hoping… to manage my time so well that I
wll be totally caught up in all assignments. Maybe even get ahead! Also, I need
to begin my Bible memory of Matthew 5.

I am looking forward to… Seeing Granma and
Granpa this week!

Around the house… a brother working on homework, rained on schoolbooks (sadness!), two tired pups, and perhaps a few dust-bunnies.

I am pondering… on Ghana, my spread-out
family, tomorrow’s escapades.

One of my favorite things… warm sweaters,
Sunday School children, lunchtimes with my family

A few plans for the rest of the week: Arkansas,
House-cleaning, School work

A peek into my day… Began with rising with a
sunny sky and two happy pups. Quickly roused the family to dress and head out
the door for church. Taught a lesson on Lot and Sodom and Gomorrah—the children
were really into this especially when we threw “brimstone” at one another.
Prepared lunch with the family and then . . . . I took a nap! J

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