Winter Day DIY in Our Missouri Nest

DIY in Our Nest

Ah … friends, hello. I’ve had the most glorious weekend. Good coffee and great music flowed generously during my quiet hours. I think I wore the same grey sweater all weekend but that doesn’t matter.

It’s my last day and I’m sitting with my favorite mug next to me and basking in the glory of finished projects and planning future endeavors.

Here’s what my weekend involved … I’d love to hear about yours too.

Winter Day at Home

Don’t laugh but I woke up at 4 o’clock Sunday morning, made a cup of coffee and settled onto our ottoman and played Minecraft with my beloved. (Talk about quirky!) 😉 We also watched a sermon by one of our favorite pastors and had snuggles and breakfast in bed … the perfect start for Valentine’s Day. (Waking up to a neighborhood covered in snow was also delightful.)

Our Nest

Saturday, I started the day in Hobby Lobby trying to find some crafting odds and ends I could make into loveliness.

I settled on two jars of Americana Decor’ chalky finish paint, paintbrushes, a package of nails, polished wood pieces and two doll rods for diy curtain rods.

I pinned, hot glued and banged nails into the wall (with a large rock no less … lol, were tool illiterate in this house 😉 ). In the end, I decided to copy these beautiful window swags. I keep laughing at how satisfyingly beautiful and simple the draped burlap ended up being. Hearts.

diy in our house

Next, I began a three hour drama by painting our armoire. I’m not sure if it’s forgiven me for painting it when it was already perfectly lovely. My love for shabby/recycled/cottage/hobbit-home style décor (plus our newlywed budget) means our home is furnished with many mismatching pieces. And while our bedroom furniture was already quite lovely we both yearned for a lighter hue.

Hence, the two jars of paint.

There were moments when I had my doubts and almost broke into nervous “What have I done!” tears. But in the end I’ve decided everything in our home should be painted white … I mean, look at how beautiful it is! 😉

diy in our nest

I still need to add one more coat, distress the edges and wax. But again, hearts, hearts, hearts.

Crafting in Our Nest

Friday found me sweeping, budgeting, Periscoping, and watching a delightful library find. I also needed to stock up on stationary so I busied my hands with bits of paper and glue sticks. Making my own writing supplies works a lot of delight in my heart.

Overall, the weekend was a grand success full of quiet moments, busy hands and planned out endeavors. Every once in a while this introvert needs time alone to create, read and write; thank You, Lord, for giving me these few days of quiet and rest. You are so good to know each of our delicate frames and give such tailored gifts!

What did your weekend involve? Leave me a comment and I’ll leave you a reply! 🙂 

Love, blessings and coffee,


4 thoughts on “Winter Day DIY in Our Missouri Nest

  1. Avatar

    Frannie, I love painted furniture, and your cupboard looks perfect. As does your window dressing. It’s so satisfying to make a home look lovely without spending a fortune.

    1. Avatar

      Oh, I so agree, Miss Elizabeth. 🙂 Thank you — I’m enjoying the simplicity and beauty of the cupboard. I’m so happy I was able to make the leap and paint it.

      Blessings and love to you!

  2. Avatar

    What a wonderful sounding weekend, Frannie! Oh, I so agree! All furniture should be white! It is just so bright and cheery and clean. 🙂 You did a great job on your armoire and table. Very pretty. 🙂

    My weekend was spent discovering antique shops and breakfast dates with my sweetheart. It’s the first weekend we have spent exclusively to ourselves in a LONG time. 😀

    Have a wonderfully blessed, and warm February day. 🙂

    1. Avatar

      It sounds like you had a lovely time with your hubby!! 🙂 So glad for you! I’ve been wondering what your Valentine weekend would look like. Especially after you let me know you’d let a bug into Justin’s ear about it … just like me to Dalton! Haha!

      It *has* been a warm and blessed February day. I taught p.e. outside for the first time in weeks. And though the wind blew my hair until it looked like a rat nest I really enjoyed being out!

      Thank you for your sweet comment — I’ve been so blessed by your latest post. 🙂

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