You Are Known

Hey, you.
Yes, you. You are miraculous, spectacular, and unique.

You probably have a favorite song you love to
sing when you are alone in the kitchen. Most likely you have a freckle, a
feature, a body part you sneer at every time you see yourself in a mirror. I
bet you remember every harsh word your dad spoke to you, every sweet promise
your beloved whispered and treasure the memories of your family’s Christmas

You are one-of-a-kind, unrepeatable, and known.

Yes, you my dear, are known.

Tonight I helped rewrite a dear-one’s resume
and while I watched his accomplishments flicker onto the computer screen I
realized how vast, how spectacular his life was. He had created a business;
traveled in a helicopter; enjoyed the comradeship found working at a sawmill.
He had graduated. Endured. Fell and got up again. His work-life was crammed
into a few short paragraphs yet how much more was left untold? Would possible
employers ever know his dreams of traveling the world? Would they be able to
imagine his family’s Sunday evening dinners? Would the hidden tales of his
integrity ever come to their attention? Would they ever know him?

No, probably not.

And that is okay.

His life, your life, are unique paths only
you have journeyed over; yet, there is still One who knows you. He knows how
excited you get over that one episode you love; He knows that one bad habit you
struggle with; He knows your favorite midnight snack and how you are afraid you
might not be able to lose the weight you want to.

He sees everything, not only your one-page
resume, but your life and He says you
are precious.

2 thoughts on “You Are Known

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    Girl, you always know just what to post to make my day … I've been horribly lax on responding to comments lately; I'm really sorry about that. I've been both busy with school and struggling with my usual Pinterest and YouTube addictions. 😛 But all of your posts and comments have been so encouraging, and this one in particular. Thank you so much!!

    You and Dalton are adorable, BTW … I know I keep saying it, and I know you already know it, but it does bear repeating. 😉

    Have a wonderful, wonderful week, my dear friend!


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